Sunshine Beyond The Dead End – A MUST READ book during coronavirus lockdown

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Sunshine Beyond The Dead End – A MUST READ book during coronavirus lockdown

It is out of sheer luck that I came across this interesting book ‘Sunshine Beyond The Dead End’ by ANUSHREE PAINULY, who is an actor and healer by profession. After reading the book, my entire perception towards life has changed. Read below to know how.

Since the last couple of months, reading/watching the news on coronavirus cases everyday was adding a lot of stress in the lives of everyone related to me, including myself. I stumbled upon this book ‘Sunshine Beyond The Dead End’ and something miraculous happened. Written in simple language and in a creative style, the book takes us to the journey of Sharan, who is like any money-minded man in today’s materialistic world. An accident of his family changes his life upside down. He decides that incident to be his dead-end but he was destined for something different in his life.

On his unplanned journey of finding a meaning to his life, he meets some awesome people who teach him through their life’s experiences that ‘LIFE’ is an opportunity and how the mind power can move mountains. The people whom Sharan meets seem to be ordinary people on their face but when he gets to know how each of them have gone through painful pasts to build what they are today, his emotional pain of losing his child and wife in the accident heals.

Now, let me tell you the reason I recommend this book to everyone who is struggling in coronavirus lockdown by sharing with you my experience. I was disappointed when I got to know that I am laid off due to market slowdown. Not being able to earn for making a living was not the first thought but the manner I was told that I am no longer required by the company was something that hurt me from within.

Secondly, listening and watching daily updates on coronavirus was taking a toll on my mental and physical health. Everyone around me was talking about life in a negative way, which meant there is going to be no surety about future. When negativity had reached its peak in my life, I started reading this book and let me tell you each story in the book has been presented so beautifully that it seemed like the characters were happening in front of me really.

Everyday I used to read some parts of the book and used to eagerly await for my reading hour to grab the book and continue reading the remaining stories. It was indeed a magic that happened to me because after completing the book, I understood that there is always HOPE for those who have FAITH in themselves. Now, my outlook towards life has changed for the better and I am certain even in these uncertain coronavirus times that I should visualize daily for a happiness-filled future.

If you wish to buy the book, click here.

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