Self-love tips for women to sail through coronavirus lockdown

LifestyleSelf-love tips for women to sail through coronavirus lockdown


Self-love tips for women to sail through coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown has been imposed to ensure that people in the country and the world are safe. Once the number of cases stop declining and there is a vaccine in place to eliminate COVID-19, things will be different altogether all over the world. Till then you need to have the patience and co-operate with the government’s norms of maintaining social distancing and taking precautionary measures to stay away from getting coronavirus.

Women, being sensitive individuals, find it difficult to cope the change as they may have to do all household chores as well as give their best in completing their office work from home. It is very natural to become vulnerable to the daily news updates about coronavirus. But adopting a different approach in seeing this entire situation can be of good help to you. So, here are some self-love tips for women to fall in love with YOU:

1) Be okay seeing your dense eyebrows and moustache-like upper lip. Beauty parlours are going to be closed for a longer period and hence, embrace yourself the way you look.

2) Also cook what you love to eat. While cooking favourite items of family members is a chore for you, cooking your favourite dish once in a while can also give a boost to your soul and make you happy.

3) You are doing a good job by cooking, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, washing utensils, laundry and taking care of the entire house well. Appreciate yourself for all the extra unpaid housework that you are doing because maids are on leave and family members won’t bother.

4) Don’t judge your health in this lockdown. Gyms are closed and taking long walks are not allowed. This will obviously impact your body size. Stress of managing the family and work can also take a toll on your monthly cycles, weight, looks etc. And let me tell you, IT IS FINE. Accept your health the way it is and keep moving ahead. Once the lockdown ends, you can resume your normal life. Till then LET IT GO.

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