Got Sex Dreams? Want to know what they are telling you?

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Got Sex Dreams? Want to know what they are telling you?

Hey, wait a minute! Are you taking now that needed nap and are you confused that you would get a dream about having sex with someone who is completely insane? Haha. Don’t worry, here we try to decode what the sex dreams are all about.

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Sex dreams are nothing related to your actual acts, so chill out if you have seen a dream of sleeping with someone who looks like a monster or Champa Chameli. Got that needed relaxation after reading this? Well, although you have got many dreams of being physically intimate with a present or past lover, it may so that these dreams are a little bit illogical or irrational.

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As per a study, sex dreams constitute just about 8% of all your reported dreams. Also, having sexual intercourse was found to be more common content among men and women in their sexual dreams. Kissing, fantasies, masturbation, sexual acts were some of the other dreams apart from sexual intercourse. These findings are as per a study by a renowned university and we can use the data as an overview to understand our sexual dreams.

If you are someone who is being haunted by sleeping with your ex-partner in your dreams, then read more in a more interesting manner. Don’t be shy as many people have at some point or the other have had that yummy fantasy to wake up with their ex-partner from the bed. It is just because such things are fed in your subconscious mind that makes you wonder about such things. Some experts are of the opinion that sex with an ex-lover can talk a lot about what is happening in your current life. 

You may have vital relationships with many others but your ex-partners or ex-lovers hold a different file in your mind that gets opened up when you are facing issues or concerns in your present life. This is probably because your past haunts you when you face relationship issues with your current partner as you have not closed it well mentally.

In your dreamland which is most of the times illogical, your past and present partner appear in a similar manner. At times sexual dreams can also make you feel horny and want to have hot sex with your present partner in real life. The sexual dreams try to tell you at a subconscious level of what it means to be turned on for you that you might have forgotten over the course of time.

The majority of the sex dreams appear only to make you feel good about your body and partner as well. Such dreams are just feelings that seem to be irrelevant but you can find their meaning if you know how to connect them with your present-day life. Some consider orgasms in dreams as a way to take good charge of your business in the real life. Some people consider sexual dreams as their inner self asking for being or looking more sensual and appealing.

Interpretations of sex dreams are not something that is one size that fits all. The situations that may put you under immense stress after viewing the sex dreams have nothing to do with anything in your real life. Yet if you find it overwhelming, you can discuss with your partner or even a sex expert to minimize the influence of sex dreams on your reality.

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