Effective tips to improve your immunity this winter

LifestyleEffective tips to improve your immunity this winter


Winter is one of the best seasons to enjoy during the year. One may not feel too cold and neither too hot and neither there are possibilities of flood-like situations outside as there are no rains. Winter season offers many benefits one can stick to their plans and also fulfill them because the weather conditions would be stable and not as unpredictable as it is during the summer or rainy seasons.

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However, maintaining one’s health can be challenging at times during the winter season. This is because some people have the habit to stay back at home due to the cold weather outside and thus, they fall sick or ill. Getting cold and coughing is also easier because of the tap water one would use to clean their utensils or wash hands, and the walking surfaces will be cold. Here are some interesting ways to improve your immunity and not fall ill during the winter season:

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1) Follow a healthy lifestyle:

When there is winter, the places will be obviously cold. Some places will be really cold and some will be moderately cool. Feeling lazy to get up from bed or even feeling tired despite drinking a coffee cup is quite natural these days. But despite that, you need to get up from your bed with a determined attitude to take a walk surrounding your buildings or exercise at home for 30 minutes with basic ones like stretching, moving your legs, etc. This will help to improve your immunity and also keep you away from any illnesses.

2) Sleep as much as the body requires:

Sometimes you may think 7 hours of sleep at night is enough but your tired body due to the climatic conditions may make you feel wanting of more sleep. So, it is okay to sleep for 8 to 8.5 hours but beyond that, don’t try to sleep as you will feel dull throughout the day. Getting this much of hours of sleep is sufficient for having good health and maintaining your productivity during the day time.

3) Vitamin D’s natural source:

You don’t have to eat any pills or tablets for getting vitamin D. Just show your face and body to the sunlight between the morning hours of 7 am to 10 am and you will get enough quantities of vitamin D. This will help to improve your mood-boosting hormone levels. When you are under the sun for even 20 minutes a day, you will keep yourself away from mood-related disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

4) Enjoy having seasonal fruits and vegetables:

Winter is one of the best seasons to explore different types of fruits and vegetables that are only seasonal. Fruits like Papaya, Sitaphal, and Peru are quite in demand and you will really enjoy having them once a week. You can even drink orange and lemon juice once every day to keep yourself hydrated. Vegetables such as Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beetroots, Kale, and leafy-vegetables are some of the best to buy during the winter season as they can keep your energy levels high and also provide the required nutrition for your body.

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