5 Ways Landlords Can Find Good Renters

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5 Ways Landlords Can Find Good Renters

Not all renters can come with the guarantee that monthly payments will be secured, so it’s your job as the landlord to determine which potential tenants will follow through on their word. To help you weed out the good from the bad, here are five ways landlords can find good renters.

1. Use Popular Listing Sites

Renters with the financial background to shop for rental properties will most commonly use popular rental property websites. These websites offer some of the best credit checks for landlords, keeping you aware of what your tenants can provide you within a lease agreement. Avoid posting your listings on ad placement websites, as these tend to be less secure.

On many popular sites, the renters’ profiles are filtered to maximize the efficiency of landlord property management. Matching the right renters for your properties can help you avoid making evictions, which is good for both you and your tenants.

You can schedule showings using these sites and afterwards carry out the best credit check for landlords. You can also check eviction histories so that you can get a feel for the potential tenants background without asking too many questions upfront.

2. Look at “Rooms Wanted” Sections

Sometimes, renters will post online that they are looking for rooms. Landlords can contact these postings to see if they can work out a rental arrangement.

Landlords can also post their listings on sublet websites to get a greater variety of potential tenants who need unconventional lease arrangements. The more flexible you are with your lease terms, the more likely you will grow your list of potential candidates.

5 Ways Landlords Can Find Good Renters

3. Make Sure Your Property Is Updated

You will more likely find ideal renters by posting pictures of your listing online. Specifically, you want to ensure that the pictures you post show that your space has been recently updated. The more contemporary and modern you make the units look, the more likely it is for reliable renters to reach out to you.

When a place is decorated smartly, this tends to appeal to renters that meet your income and credit requirements. Thus, by posting pictures of a smartly decorated place, you’ll have an easier time gathering a pool of potential renters who can pay on time.

4. Get to Know Other Landlords

Get to know other landlords and learn about renters through word of mouth. You will also learn to strategize and create listings that attract ideal renters by listening to what other landlords use as their go-to approaches. Networking with other landlords puts you in the marketplace to find the right rental arrangements.

5. Make Your Listings Clear

To get the right kind of renters gravitating to your listings, make sure that you specify your lease terms and any other policies that pertain to your lease agreement.

By spelling everything you expect in your ad, you avoid getting phone calls from renters who do not have the financial means or background that you’re looking for. Be as straightforward as possible in your ads.

When creating your listing, explain your pet policy, your rules on loud music and playing instruments, laundry times, and the general profile you’re looking for in a renter, given the other renters that occupy your property. After all, you likely wouldn’t want to house a musician next door to an older retired couple. These are the kinds of things you want to look out for as you browse for potential tenants.

The Bottom Line

To find good renters, advertise strategically online, use popular rental platforms, and be clear about your rules for renting. Reflect on the guidelines above to ensure that your rental property agreements are a success. You deserve the very best, so never settle until you find the renters that match your needs!

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