Kabul Airport All Ready to Resume International Flights

InternationalKabul Airport All Ready to Resume International Flights


Kabul Airport All Ready to Resume International Flights

According to a media source, Afghanistan’s civil aviation agency stated that the Kabul airport is ready for foreign flights and that technical difficulties have been rectified recently. On Saturday, the country’s civil aviation authority declared that Kabul airport is fully operational, that domestic flights have resumed, and that foreign planes may resume normal operations.

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The airport has recently received flights from Qatar, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. A spokeswoman for the country’s civil aviation agency, Mohammad Naeem Salehi, said the department has written to neighbouring nations and the international community, requesting that flights restart at the airport.

Meanwhile, several Afghans who have secured visas to Iran and Pakistan have reported that ticket costs in Kabul have lately skyrocketed. Locals have complained that tickets are either unavailable or, if they are, are too expensive.

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Some tourism providers have also stated that the cost of air travel in Kabul has doubled. According to Masoud Bina, the Afghanistan tourist firms’ chairman, “The cost of foreign flights has risen. Tickets to Pakistan used to cost between $150 and $200, but today they cost $1,200.”

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