Britney Spears’ public support may not mean much in court

HollywoodBritney Spears’ public support may not mean much in court


Britney Spears’ public support may not mean much in court

Los Angeles: Britney Spears’ powerful plea to a judge to end the conservatorship that has controlled her life since 2008 brought sympathy and outrage from fans, famous supporters and even casual observers who say she deserves independence.

Yet lawyers who deal in such matters say the speech itself may not have helped her in the legal process, which will be long and arduous.

“When Britney spoke, I mean, the world listened. This was amazing,” family law attorney Peter Walzer said. “Now, whether the judge will buy it, whether the judge will let her out of her conservatorship, my bet is no.”

Spears” passionate, at times emotional address Wednesday to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny was the first time in 13 years she has spoken in open court on the conservatorship, which she called “abusive” and “stupid.” The conservatorship was put in place as Spears, hounded by paparazzi and media scrutiny while a new mother, underwent a very public mental health crisis in 2008.

Spears revisited the speech in an Instagram post Thursday, apologising “for pretending like I”ve been ok the past two years.

“I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me,” she said, later adding, “Believe it or not pretending that I’m ok has actually helped.”

In court, Spears said she is forced to keep using an intrauterine device for birth control and take other medications, is prevented from getting married or having another child, and is not allowed to have her own money. She condemned her father and the others who control it.

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