Eat dates regularly and we will tell you why!

HealthEat dates regularly and we will tell you why!


Dates or commonly called khajur is not a new fruit and are popular among people who are fitness enthusiasts trying to limit their sugar intake in an attempt to lose weight.

With the ongoing festivities, dates are the best option as they can substitute for sugar even for making sweets!

As per Ayurveda research, dates have a very cooling effect and are soothing in nature, especially for people who suffer from pitta dosha. Dates are full of fibre, are a good source of iron and are best to attain instant energy. Some studies even say, eating dates regularly might help one deal with high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. They are also a good source of magnesium that fights inflammation which can be good for people with arthritis.

Dates are a superfood with endless benefits due to the content of a variety of vitamins and minerals in them. Read on to know more :

  1. Easy bowel movement: If you are dealing with constipation then dates are beneficial for you because of the fibre content that helps clean the colon.
  2. Good for heart : Dates are good for your heart as it reduces bad cholesterol and helps control conditions like sudden heart attacks, especially in the winter season
  3. For strong bones: Dates contain plenty of calcium, potassium, and magnesium to the bone health in check
  4. Boosts sexual energy for both males and females
  5. Helps increase haemoglobin: Dates are iron-rich and can help increase your haemoglobin levels.

Doctors suggest that the best time to consume dates is either in the morning on an empty stomach or can be eaten during the day as a mid-day snack.

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