Rahul Gandhi to take a pledge of loyalty in Goa

GoaRahul Gandhi to take a pledge of loyalty in Goa


Rahul Gandhi to take a pledge of loyalty in Goa

In an interesting decision, the Congress party’s top leader will be taking a pledge of loyalty with all the candidates of his party in Goa on Wednesday. The move promises not to defect post the Assembly elections. In the 2017 Assembly elections, if one is aware, Congress was the single biggest party that had a fractured mandate but unfortunately failed to live up to the formulation of the government due to its defections.

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Just 2 out of 17 MLAs were selected on the Congress ticket in the last assembly elections and are presently working with the party. Thus, the Congress party wants to give an assurance to the people of its state that voting for the party will not be wasted and thus, the elected representatives will not defect after getting voted in the elections. In the state assembly, for the unaware in 2019, a huge lot of MLAs had resigned from the party thus making the party weaker in power compared to other political parties.

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Earlier too, Congress had held the same event with all the candidates taking a pledge that they would remain loyal to the people and the party post the conduct of the assembly elections. Earlier this January 2022, the party had taken a pledge of loyalty at a temple, a church, and even a dargah. And thus, the same activity will be repeated with the top leader Rahul Gandhi to make the voters feel secure that the party will not separate itself after the elections are held successfully.

The Goa state is witnessing BJP be a stable party as the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday shared how the BJP can bring about a change and growth in the state and also criticized Rahul Gandhi in his speech. He also shared how if any other party comes to power cannot have a stable government and also made an attack at the Trinamool Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party.

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