UP Government to Give Rs 2000 to Workers of Unorganized Sector

UP Government to Give Rs 2000 to Workers of Unorganized Sector


UP Government to Give Rs 2000 to Workers of Unorganized Sector

In this election year, the Uttar Pradesh government plans to provide a large present while providing assistance to the state’s workforce. The Yogi government is preparing to provide unorganised sector employees with a living allowance. The government will pay maintenance fees of 1,000 to 1,000 rupees each for workers registered with the state in two instalments.

According to media reports, the Labor Department has issued an order in this regard. By December 31, 2021, this amount will be given to all the workers of the unorganized sector registered with the Uttar Pradesh Unorganized Workers Social Security Board. In January, plans are being made to pay the employees 1000 rupees as the first payment of their two-month stipend.

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The Yogi government has made plans to include this sum in the second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year, which will be presented during the Vidhan Sabha’s winter session. The state government allocated Rs 4,000 crore out of the amount of Rs 2,000 for the maintenance of workers. To date, approximately 2.5 million workers are registered with the Uttar Pradesh Unorganized Workers’ Council. This sum will be sent immediately to the workers’ bank accounts.

According to the information, the Board Secretary has been directed to link the laborers benefiting from the scheme with Aadhaar. Workers who get maintenance stipend from the Board through Kisan Samman Nidhi or any other means will not be eligible for this plan. In view of the possibility of third wave of Corona, the state government is trying to complete the necessary process for distribution of maintenance allowance soon.

The state government will give the benefit of maintenance scheme to street vendors, auto drivers, rickshaw drivers, e-rickshaw drivers, pullers, barbers, tailors, cobblers, potters, blacksmiths, carpenters and other categories of workers in urban and rural areas. There was a lockdown in the country due to Corona infection and all kinds of work were stopped. Due to which the daily wages were stopped to live for the people who earn daily in the state. Staying at home without job was a larger concern for such persons than Corona. This plan was launched by the state government in order to provide a source of income for daily wage workers.

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The Yogi government has planned to provide daily wage labourers and construction employees with a maintenance payment of Rs. 1000 per under this scheme. So that people can go about their daily lives without difficulty at this tough period.

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