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NCB Argues Against Granting Bail to Aryan Khan

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) argues in its response to a court that will rule on Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s bail plea that Aryan Khan and the other defendants in the drugs-on-cruise case are related and their actions cannot be separated. According to the anti-drug agency, Aryan Khan – Accused No. 1 for the NCB – procured narcotics and communicated with “certain people abroad who appear to be a member of an International Drug Network for illicit drug procurement,” according to a statement that has yet to be filed in court.

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According to NCB, all individuals detained are “inextricably linked”, and “it is impossible to detach the role, involvement, and engagement of one accused from that of the other.” “The components of conspiracy are plain and evident,” the government writes in its court response, adding that “one of the petitioners cannot be examined in isolation.” When officials from the anti-drugs agency stormed a Mumbai cruise ship party in disguise on October 3, no narcotics were found on Aryan Khan. However, the NCB claims that this does not diminish their function.

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After the ship narcotics raid, Aryan Khan, 23, was detained and his friend Arbaaz Merchant and six others. While his attorneys have consistently stated that no narcotics were found on him, the agency claims that it has proof that he used to get them. According to the NCB, Accused No. 1 plays a role. It appears that Aryan Khan obtained contraband from Accused No. 2 on a regular basis (Arbaaz). And 6 grammes of charas were found from the conscious possession (shoes) of Accused No 2. Aryan and Arbaaz have a long history of working together.”

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