A review of Kadak Singh: Pankaj Tripathi improves this mediocre psychological thriller

EntertainmentA review of Kadak Singh: Pankaj Tripathi improves this mediocre psychological thriller


In Bollywood, psychological thrillers are not an unexplored genre. Films like “Drishyam,” “Kahaani,” “Talaash,” and numerous others have explored this field. “Kadak Singh,” the newest film from Zee5, delves into this difficult genre and features an impressive cast that includes Parvathy, Sanjana Sanghi, Jaya Ahsan, Paresh Pahuja, and Pankaj Tripathi. But did the movie join the ranks of popular psychological thrillers, or was it just another misguided effort? Let’s look into it.

In the film Pankaj Tripathi, AK Srivastava plays a well-liked Department of Financial Crimes (DEF) officer. He makes an attempt at suicide after a series of enigmatic events, but he ends up in the hospital suffering from retrograde amnesia. He only vaguely remembers people and events because he has lost the majority of his memories’. At the hospital where his daughter Sakshi (Sanjana Sanghi) frequently pays him a visit and helps him recall his past, he is at most eccentric. It’s interesting to note that people from different backgrounds have different stories to tell about his past and the circumstances surrounding his attempted suicide. The main query comes to light: Why did he try suicide? Whose story will he believe in the end? Will his memories come back at all? The next two hours are spent answering these questions.

Pankaj Tripathi is frequently regarded as beneficial to the film industry for a reason. Notwithstanding the film’s many flaws, everything about him—from his charm to his on-screen persona and dialogue delivery—lifts the picture. In the movie, Pankaj plays a dual role as a cheerful patient and strict father, which is why his kids call him Kadak Singh. Pankaj executed both extremely well. If we had to list a few justifications for seeing the movie, one would be witnessing Pankaj mastering his craft.

Being a relatively newcomer to the film industry, Sanjana Sanghi faced the enormous challenges of sharing the screen with a phenomenal performer like Pankaj. She did, however, come across as quiet as the surprise package in the movie. It is evident that she is also honing her acting abilities. Following her role in Irfan’s Qarib Qarib Single, South Indian actress Parvathy is back in Hindi cinema. The actress demonstrated her abilities once more in a substantial role. She did a fantastic job portraying Ms. Kannan, the nurse who is looking after Pankaj. Although Jaya Ahsan, a well-known figure in the Bengali film industry, plays a significant part, her character is flat. Still, she manages to shine and make a statement as the talented actress that she is.

In this film, director Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, who has directed movies like “Pink: Lost””and “Antaheen,” gives a lackluster performance. The films get off to a solid start, but as the plot develops, it gradually veers off course. You could not disappoint if you watched it off as just another psycho-thriller where the answers are hidden until the very end. The film’s somber outline was skillfully broken up with comedic relief. Additionally, it did function, albeit somewhat. Unfortunately, “Kadak Singh’s” plodding pace and shoddy screenplay severely lessened the film’s impact.

In summary, only those who are true fans of Pankaj Tripathi and have the ability to go through disappointment should watch “Kadak Singh.”.

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