What is the Power of Humanity?

EducationWhat is the Power of Humanity?


What is the Power of Humanity?

Humanity has been defined in many ways by different philosophers and scientists. But humanity is as simple as being human. We are human beings and not living things or items that can be stagnant forever. We are evolving beings and depending on the situation and environment, we either come out of it successfully or get entangled in the emotions, situations and give up like a failure.

Humanity itself has the power to evolve and grow. No one can stop the growth or development of human beings, even if it human beings themselves because it is against the law of nature. NATURE says that human beings are the higher forms of living organisms on this planet and it has taken millions of years for people to get what they have and be what they are. So, it is foolish when people talk about how Artificial Intelligence or any sort of technological innovation will replace humans in the long run.

Things do change obviously because it is humans who are making inventions and innovations through their intelligence but it is the power of humanity or humankind that is bringing about such changes in society. We will always be able to thrive and flourish from the challenges that humanity gets imposed upon from time to time and that is the power of nature and humanity.

Take for example, when the coronavirus pandemic came in March 2020 to India, people panicked and created many theories mentioning that the human race is about to end due to this invisible virus. But with the collective efforts of humankind only, the virus was curbed and people could move around even it is for some months only. When the second wave came off the coronavirus pandemic, people again came out with theories saying that India will end, however, it is the power of humanity only that proved such claims to be false and we are slowly declining the upward trend of the fresh infection cases with lockdown-like restrictions, social distancing, maintaining hygiene, wearing masks, vaccination programs, and others.

It is the power of humanity that will always emerge as a winner irrespective of how powerful the other evil forces remain because it is God or the Supreme Power who has made humans rise and shine and overcome challenges again and again.

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