Covid-19 cases surpasses 11 lakh in India

Covid-19Covid-19 cases surpasses 11 lakh in India


Covid-19 cases surpasses 11 lakh in India

New Delhi: Coronavirus infection is increasing in the country. According to, by 9:30 pm on July 9, the total number of corona infects in the country has been 11 lakh 13 thousand 400. On July 19, Maharashtra (9518) had the highest number of corona cases. For the first time in Maharashtra, more than 9 thousand coronas have been found infected in a single day.

Meanwhile another bad news came. It is being said that coronavirus infection can spread more rapidly during monsoon. This was revealed in a joint study done by researchers of Bhubaneswar-based IIT-AIIMS (IIT-AIIMS). The study explains the decline in temperature behind the rise in the rate of infection.

Today, the situation in Tamil Nadu was not good. There were 4979 cases, while 4059 people were recovered. For the past several days, the number of people recovering in Tamil Nadu and Delhi was more than the newly found patients. However, 1211 new cases were reported in Delhi today, while 1860 people were recovered. So far, 1,22,793 people have been infected with Corona in Delhi. Out of this, 1,03,134 people have been recovered. In this way, the number of active cases in Delhi is 16031.

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