What is Viral?

Concept of the DayWhat is Viral?


Viral has two meanings. One is related to a severe viral infection that is caused due to a virus or viruses. For example, COVID-19 is an infection that is caused due to coronavirus. Another meaning of the VIRAL term is a thing that gets circulated on the internet quite easily and quickly. For example, a company ran a viral advertising campaign to make their audiences get noticed the new brand launch. A Viral can be something like an image, video, or information that gets circulated quickly and hugely from one internet user to another user.

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Here we will discuss what is viral on the internet. For example, today is Lunar Eclipse 2022. So, the top online platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc, talk about the eclipse by adding hashtags and also sharing information or images or videos about the same. When more internet users read such information or watch such videos and also share them with others, it means such information has become viral on the internet.

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Another example of a viral video is how dogs, cats, elephants, and several other animals’ videos are getting viral on the internet. It is because people are shocked and stunned when they see these animals doing actions and stunts that human beings can never imagine of. When one internet user sees an adorable video of a calf drinking milk from its mother cow, they share it with their friends. When many people share the same video with other friends and known people, the video becomes the talk of the day and thus, we can say that the video has become viral. Viral videos make people laugh, cry and become happy in no time because of their popularity.

Viral images or photographs are examples of celebrities. When popular celebrities are found hugging or kissing each other in public spaces, such photos or images become more viral than anything else. People get to know that they are a couple and are roaming around to share their official relationship. One example is of how a famous celebrity who is currently married and also recently became a father was spotted with his ex-girlfriend on a beach and their photos spread on the internet like fire. It is because when celebrities do anything in public space, they cannot shy away or hide their stuff.

Viral information is the piece of information or knowledge that gets spread on the internet channels and social media platforms. For example, when the coronavirus outbreak happened in March 2020, there were many bloggers and writers writing out about how coronavirus precautions should be taken to combat the illness. Thus, whatever information was released in the form of news reports and articles was hugely circulated on the web and WhatsApp or app channels, thus making the information viral on the web.

Therefore, one has to be very careful when it comes to sensitive information becoming published on the internet because it becomes viral in no time. The Internet is a double-edged sword and thus, people should use the technology wisely and safely for the betterment of everyone. 

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