What is Tranquility?

Concept of the DayWhat is Tranquility?


Tranquility is the state of being calm or peaceful. Tranquility is often used when a person has to share how peaceful or calm he feels in a particular atmosphere or with a certain person. For example, Sunil loved the tranquility of lakes as it made him feel serene and free from any noise and disturbance. Tranquility means a deeper quietness or composure. Tranquility is a feeling that you will have when you are resting under a sky full of stars, listening to the birds humming, watching the waterfalls from the mountains, and making you feel calm and cared for.

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Achieving tranquility happens with the constant practice of meditation if one lives in a busy world. One can feel at peace in their own home if going out and spending time with nature is not possible. Just close your eyes, and make your body feel relaxed, switch off your mobile phone, TV, and other technological devices, withdraw yourself from doing other activities for a while, stop thinking about various stuff in life, take a deep breath inside and exhale outside, then keep observing your breath and not your thoughts with full focus, imagine doing your favorite activity like walking in a beach or visiting an island, assume that you have no worries and stressors in life and see the difference.

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Turbulent times would keep happening in one’s life. There will be times when unexpected stuff comes up and you will have to stay prepared for everything in life. In such situations, taking a breath in and out and accepting your situations as they are will only help. There are times when you would struggle to find the deeper meaning of life and why things are happening the way they are. But that shouldn’t stop you from achieving tranquility. You can give up the neurotic thoughts to find yourself and also accept your life as it is. Rest on the thoughts that you have your capabilities and you can become anything you want in life.

Celebrating your unique qualities and accepting that every human being is different will help. Nobody can do the same tasks as others. This is an amazing fact to accept as it is. You don’t have to be right or wrong always and this fact will make you more tolerant. You can create a peaceful environment in your life to experience tranquility in life. Some people are happy even if their life is uncomfortable. You can treat others with generosity and kindness. People usually reciprocate kindness and thus that helps them to feel at peace.

Living in the now is one of the best ways to feel tranquility. No one knows what tomorrow is in store for them. The past is just a memory so obviously living in the past will not give you any returns. Have hope for tomorrow and the future but do not worry. Don’t keep thinking too much about what will happen if you lose this or that. Things will be taken care of in the end and this awareness will help you.

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