What is Poise?

Concept of the DayWhat is Poise?


Poise is balance or composure in a person. Poise is also called stability, steadiness, dignity, and gracefulness in a person. For example, a person who recently lost his job maintained his calmness and self-confidence when he was questioned by a neighbor about how his job is going on. Poise is the calm confidence that a person possesses when he is behaving even in turbulent situations. Poise is the way a person moves his or her body and holds himself or herself high even in challenges. For example, when a model walked the ramp and found her dress torn below, she got embarrassed for a moment but then she looked at the audience and regained her poise.

Flexibility is the key to stability: Rakul Preet

Her confident walk and high head posture showed her poise and elegance. Being poised is quite important if a person wants to sustain life in modern times. There are ups and downs all the way in life but when a person faces fearful situations, he or she becomes afraid. But people who possess poise tend to behave confidently even when they face bad times. Let us know about a story of a person who showed his gracefulness and poise. 

When one job ends, it is time to restart a new journey

Rahul came back home after a big fight in the office. His face was upset and anyone who saw him would know that he was not in the right state of mind. Rahul, thus, asked for some time off to go out for a walk in the park from his family members. While walking, Rahul realized that he was not at fault but the situation at his office was not comforting for him. He walked further and he was immediately interrupted by an old man walking on the road alone. 

Seeing the old man in pain, Rahul regained his present moment and poise. He went ahead and helped the old man and listened to his sob story. Rahul realized that becoming aware of the surroundings and being willing to change, become flexible and be adaptable helps deal with any tough situation in life with poise. Poise is not something that people are born with but they learn the skill with practice on a regular basis.

Rahul gave a firm handshake to the old man and encouraged him to look at the positive side of life. He introduced himself by sharing his work details along with his first and last name. The old man never got to know with Rahul’s behavior that he is also in a problem. In fact, the old man was impressed with Rahul’s listening skills. Rahul spoke throughout the conversations with the old man by maintaining eye contact. He was quite comfortable while speaking to the old man and his younger son who came by while seeing both of them speaking on the bench.

Rahul’s calmness won the old man’s heart and he wanted him to tell his younger son to learn from Rahul how to be patient and not be tempted by distractions even during the toughest times. Rahul’s poise made even his family members feel secure, safe, and comfortable in his presence despite Rahul having to lose his job in the coming days and stay back at home for a while.

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