What is Freaking Out?

Concept of the DayWhat is Freaking Out?


Freaking out means becoming crazy or too emotional. A person freaking out means either he is becoming too excited or breaking down by crying. Freaking out, is generally used as a term together. You might have heard the statements like, “Are you freaking out?”, “Stop freaking out”, etc. These statements are meant to know if the person is behaving irrationally or showing his emotional reactions of sadness, excitement, happiness, distress, disorganization, shock, etc.

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When Rohan proposed to his girlfriend who studied in the same class and college, she started freaking out. Rohan asked her to calm down and not worry about their future because he really loved her and wanted to marry her only in the long run. Another example is of a young man who started freaking out in excitement as he got the new job offer that he had been waiting for a long time. 

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Freaking out happens when a person doesn’t know how to react in a particular situation because of what someone has said or done to them. For example, when a child asked his parents to shut up because he didn’t want them to interfere in his life’s decisions, his parents started freaking out. They never thought that their loved child would become so mature or old enough to ask them to shut up. The child’s parents started sobbing in shock as they never expected this thing to happen to them in such an unexpected manner.

Another example of freaking out is when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, people started freaking out and reacting in a weird way because they just didn’t know how to handle the situation that they were put into. Lockdowns, stocking things up at home, not being able to sit with others or visit others’ places, social distancing, masking, etc. were just too much for emotionally vulnerable people to handle and that’s why they freaked out when the restrictions were imposed.

Freaking out in anger means a person has lost his calm mindset and just wants to express his frustrations to another person. When the manager pinpointed only the mistakes of the employees’ performances in his quarterly report, many hard-working and highly performing employees were disturbed and freaked out in anger at their manager. They were upset that the manager couldn’t make it a point to mention their names in the report because of whom the sales shot up and the company made profits.

Freaking out also means a person is quite scared and doesn’t want to deal with the challenges in their life. When a newly married woman entered her matrimonial home, she was freaking out in the bedroom in front of her husband because she was too afraid to meet her relatives, in-laws, and friends who had gathered outside for her muh-dikhaai rasam. She asked her husband to tell them the reason that she is sick and cannot be a part of the ritual because she was too scared to meet all the stranger people at one go. 

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