PM Modi says Sky not the limit for the India-US partnership

BusinessPM Modi says Sky not the limit for the India-US partnership


India and the US strategic association has been upgraded by some important points on the second day of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “state visit” to Washington, DC. The meeting has seen the signing of agreements that involves mega defence deals, semiconductors, critical minerals, cooperation in critical and emerging technology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, telecommunications, and space cooperation in the last two days.

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India is set to establish a mission in Seattle in the US while the US would be launching in-country renewable H-1B visas by opening consulates in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. 

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US President Joe Biden shared at the joint press conference as a response to a query on human rights in India that Prime Minister Modi and he had a good talk on democratic values. There is increasing respect for each other because both leaders believe in democracies. It is a common democratic nature of both India and the US in terms of diversity, culture, openness, and tolerant debate and they believe in the self-respect of each and every citizen of both countries.

Modi also remarked how India’s democracy is in our DNA and we Indians live by it. There is no discrimination based on caste, religion, or region in India and he mentioned that the government benefits reached every citizen without any discrimination.

In an interaction with a US private channel, ex-US president Barack Obama shared his concerns about how India might get divided if the government doesn’t look after the rights of minorities. 

Biden stated bilateral trade had doubled over the last 10 years to more than $191 billion, sustaining tens of thousands of good jobs in India and the United States. Moreover, the US President said that 1 million American jobs across 44 states would be backed by the acquisition of more than 200 American-made Boeing aircraft by Air India.

Biden also stated how Indian firms are declaring more than $2 billion in new investment in manufacturing and solar in Colorado, steel in Ohio, the optic fibre in South Carolina, and considerably more, which shows that manufacturing in the US is back. Modi also mentioned how India had come to a decision to end all pending trade problems with the US. He stated how the technology transfer to manufacturing fighter jet engines in India is a remarkable agreement. He said that the country’s plan to join the Artemis Accord showed that even sky is not the limit for the relationship between India and the US. Biden also appreciated India’s efforts and said that the US would support Indians and put one Indian in space in 2024.

Modi in the initial talks with the US president said that India and the US are walking together from the depths of the ocean to the sky heights, from ancient culture to artificial intelligence. He expressed his gratitude for Biden’s commitment to their relationship which has motivated India to take bold and courageous steps. Modi said India is a youth nation while the US has the top educational system.

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