Infosys introduces AI-first release Topaz

BusinessInfosys introduces AI-first release Topaz


Software company Infosys on 23 May 2023 launched Topaz, the latest offering that incorporates data analytics, generative AI, and artificial intelligence. It shows the increasing importance of this quickest-evolving technology. Infosys is one of the early donors to OpenAI which said that it has utilized its own applied artificial intelligence – AI framework to develop an AI-first core product that possibly has more than 12,000 use cases. It has above 150 pre-trained models and over ten platforms.

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The move comes at a time when the demand for technology is slowing down in the major markets of Europe and the US. A new AI-first offering product could assist the company provide a better marketing pitch for clients. It has also become a growing sign for the future growth of the business. The operations of the business are reported to be hugely influenced by Infosys Topaz showing the power of data solutions and generative AI platforms.

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The company said that it has been initially exploring AI within the organization, learned from the experiments, and then create customized solutions for the clients. Infosys contemplates retail companies, Fortune 500 banks, and others as clients.

Competition among IT companies is what is driving them to explore more AI technologies and come up with their own products and services. Even Cognizant came up with breakthroughs in their last quarter’s earnings due to the influence of generative AI. It essentially transformed their client’s businesses and also help them to improve their productivity levels. 

Generative AI has been used by many companies to improve their consulting, design, engineering, and operations with the long-term objective of increasing their productivity and of other associates. TCS also experimented with generative AI by setting up a centre of excellence. The company’s representative is of the view that the centre will adopt technology that is quite innovative and leading in the market.

Infosys has already involved itself in many projects with their present clients in generative AI, and they are in talks with other 300 clients on the same lines. The company has taken the decision to get into generative AI because of the massive opportunities it possesses.

In 2015, Infosys donated to OpenAI when it had a non-profit structure. Generative AI, however, is use case basis and not publicly used models like ChatGPT. Infosys has already an existing team of analysts, an AI team who learn important skills. Thus, the company is presently focusing to use prompt engineering and how to improve the technology, when to use it, when not to use it, etc. 

For the unversed, Topaz is an image quality tool that is powered by AI. It will magically improve your photo and video quality by using amazing image alteration technologies. Packages are mentioned on the Topaz website It also mixes the most-used operations from the Image Quality Bundle and then adds an Autopilot feature to choose the perfect options for each picture. There have been additions of new features, improvements, and bug fixes every week. There are also options to buy Sharpen, DeNoise, and Gigapixel on an individual level and Topaz Photo AI also promises to provide a wonderful product experience in the near future.

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