Google and Amazon to make major investments in India

BusinessGoogle and Amazon to make major investments in India


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a 2-day visit to the US this week. After his visit, two major companies of the world Google and Amazon have announced important investment plans. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, and Andrew Jassy, the CEO of Amazon will be investing to improve the country’s digital landscape. The investments will be on the lines of improving digital transformation, promoting local language information, creating employment opportunities, and increasing the export of products of India at a global level.

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In the meeting with Modi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared the company’s plans to start a global fintech operation centre in GIFT City in Gujarat. This initiative shows the company’s commitment to increasing its operations in India and supporting the nation’s digital economy growth. Pichai also informed that Google will be making an investment of $10 billion in the India Digitization Fund, thus improving the nation’s digital revolution.

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Also, Pichai shared how he intends to launch its virtual assistant Bard in more languages of India in the coming future. This growth plan is in line with accessibility and inclusivity by giving localized digital experience to a huge population, thus giving them hands-on experience with the latest technology.

Pichai also appreciated PM Modi’s visionary approach and thanked the Digital India campaign introduced by Modi that has created a global blueprint, which other nations want to implement in their systems. India has become a leading hub for global technological advancements, which has inspired other nations to also follow suit.

Taking inspiration from Pichai, Amazon’s CEO, Andrew Jassy also shared the company’s interest in adding to the growth of India. After his meeting with PM Modi, Jassy made announced that his company Amazon would be making a huge investment of $11 billion in India. Amazon plans to invest an extra $15 billion, thus making the total investment a remarkable $26 billion across all businesses in the country by 2030.

These funds will be utilized by the government to come up with more jobs, enhance the digitalization of SMEs – small and medium enterprises, and also support Indian product exports worldwide.

Jassy also stressed the company’s commitment to empowering local businesses and allowing them to make a mark in the global market. As there is a huge global network with Amazon, Indian companies will get improved access to a bigger customer base, thus increasing exports and the growth of the economy.

The announcements by the two technology giants show the confidence and way forward for India’s digital future. With such investments, India definitely has a long way to go in the digital economy by innovating, creating jobs, and encouraging entrepreneurship. India’s associations with these tech giants will certainly make the country emerge as a global digital powerhouse.

On the last day of Modi’s trip to Washington, he met with the U.S. and Indian technology executives, which also included Apple’s Tim Cook and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and requested the global companies to “Make In India”.


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