Elon Musk says Twitter to have a new logo

BusinessElon Musk says Twitter to have a new logo


Twitter’s owner Elon Musk shared on Twitter that he will soon get rid of the current birds‘ logo of the company as he was contemplating the same for a long time. He wrote on Twitter, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” He also added, “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make go live worldwide tomorrow.”

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Elon shared an image of a flickering ‘X’ but didn’t give more details. The company didn’t either reply to a request for further comments. Musk who began his tenure at the social media giant in October has just kept making a lot of changes in the company. The business name of the company got changed to X Corp, which showed the billionaire’s vision to build a super app, similar to China’s WeChat.

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Although the company’s website says its logo, which shows a blue bird, to be the most recognizable asset that also makes them more protective of the same. In April this year, the bird was replaced for a while by Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu dog, which actually helped the company make as much as $4 billion to the meme coin’s market value.

After Musk joined the company last year, he cut down the workforce of Twitter to almost half in order to reduce the costs. Recently, we posted an update about how Musk plans to introduce a feature that will restrict the number of Direct Messages for some accounts on Twitter. Musk’s initiatives are aimed at removing spam and fake information that the platform promotes. He has not just introduced paid services but also put up many restrictions on access and viewership among the free accounts themselves.

Such drastic moves are not just showing the versatile and random leadership of Musk but also show how companies when they are sold to another firm actually lose their market value eventually. Although Musk may feel confident that he is going on the right track by protecting freedom of speech with his initiatives, he is actually making a bigger mess out of his acquisition deal which has gone wrong at least for the active users of Twitter.

Leaders should drive the company in the right manner and set the right examples. But at times, we face more controversies involved in a company these days than their actual leadership and managerial abilities. 

The rebranding of Twitter was actually hinted at by Musk when he brought Twitter last year. He tweeted, “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app”. He had also talked about X when he welcomed new CEO Linda Yaccarino in April this year. He wrote, “Looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app”.

Musk acquired Twitter for a value of $44 billion in October 2022. This move of rebranding to the X app comes at a time when Meta’s new app, Threads has been launched earlier in July 2023.

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