Artistry Skin Nutrition™ from Amway presents Hydrating and Balancing ranges for Youthful Skin

BusinessArtistry Skin Nutrition™ from Amway presents Hydrating and Balancing ranges for Youthful...


Lucknow , 18 May 2023: Advancing towards its philosophy of delivering nutrients for the skin, Amway India, one of the leading FMCG Direct Selling companies in the nation, has launched an exclusive range that transcends the skin care needs of all .

The Balancing and Hydrating ranges introduced by Artistry Skin Nutrition™ showcases a distinctive blend of ingredients that collaborate to balance and hydrate the skin, providing a refreshing and youthful appearance. Enriched with plant-based botanicals from Nutrilite™ farms, the Hydrating and Balancing ranges are clinically tested vegan skincare line, with no animal testing and free from parabens, phthalates, sulfate surfactants and animal derived ingredients. Powered by cutting-edge skin science these ranges are infused with exclusive Skincare Complex that boosts skin’s natural defense system by 350% to help delay the visible signs of aging.

Talking about the new skincare range Ajay Khanna, CMO, Amway India said, “ India is driven by a large and dynamic young population, with over 65% its populace comprising youths. Within this burgeoning demographic, skincare has emerged as a significant trend, with 87% of the population placing a strong emphasis on skin health. However, despite this, 43% of young people experience dry skin issues while 42% of oily-skin consumers continue to grapple finding the ideal solution for achieving healthy skin.

Taking these factors into consideration and leveraging our global expertise in nutrition with Nutrilite’s rich legacy of 90 years, we are excited to introduce the second phase of Artistry Skin Nutrition™, Hydrating and Balancing ranges of seven products, with the powerful botanicals from our Nutrilite farms, formulated to address skin needs of youth and consumers at large”

He further added, “As per a recent survey, 30% of men today are willing to broaden their skincare routine and try out new products. These figures are encouraging, as they present us with an exciting opportunity to explore fresh avenues and expand our range of offerings. The new Hydrating and Balancing ranges complements our existing anti-aging range, under Artistry Skin Nutrition™ to meet the diverse needs of all age groups and genders.”

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