Trainer changed Ira khan’s life

BollywoodTrainer changed Ira khan’s life


Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is known for her style. She often appears in the headlines even after being away from films. Recently, she shared a post from her Instagram account, in which she told that a trainer changed her entire life. In her post, Ira Khan has also shared many photos and videos of trainer Nupur, which is attracting everyone’s attention.

In her Instagram post, Aamir Khan’s daughter wrote that saw my shining face? Let me tell you why? This face is not happy and bright, but it is because I did not take many pictures 4-5 years ago. So this is a cheat picture.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan further wrote in her post, “This post is a bit long and cheesy as well. But if you have a trainer who has changed your whole life then you will understand it. There would be few people in life that make you completely happy and Popaye did it for me without any effort. ” He further wrote in his post, “I remember well that I wanted to text him in college, but I had nothing but to talk about workouts and I was quite embarrassed to not work out. Chintoo mamu always said, “See, he pushes you more!” after I came home wobbling.

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