Why are all political parties so kind to students?

ArticleWhy are all political parties so kind to students?


Why are all political parties so kind to students?

S.Faizan Musanna

Political parties are raising the demand for the cancellation of the CBSE Board’s 10th and 12th exams. In these voices, Rahul Gandhi’s voice has increased the impact. Prior to Rahul Gandhi, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also demanded the cancellation of these exams. Apart from Congress, Aam Aadmi Party and Shiv Sena have also demanded the cancellation of examinations. All these parties believe that during these exams, students will get mixed up together, which will increase the risk of corona infection.

But the question is when the same parties are participating in the Vidhan Sabha and Panchayat elections in full style and are campaigning in full swing there was no fear. When these parties are participating in elections and public rallies, is there no risk of infection?

Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi wrote a letter to Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and requested him to reconsider the CBSE board examinations in view of the Corona crisis. In the letter, she has written that about 1 lakh corona cases are coming up every day. Meanwhile, the CBSE board has issued a circular in May to implement its decision to start the exam. She said that although students have been preparing for this. But millions of students and their parents have expressed deep concerns about Corona. Parents say that the gathering of students at one place can be dangerous for their health.

‏Mrs Gandhi said that her apprehensions are not inadvertent. She has a solid foundation. She said that practically it is almost impossible to ensure the safety of students. And at the speed with which the corona is growing, not only the students but also the teachers who guard their exam halls and other staff members of the college will not be able to escape its grip. Apart from this, if any centre of the exam comes in its grip, not only the government but also the CBSE board will be responsible for forcing students to sit forcibly in the examination.

After Priyanka’s letter, there is a question from the Congress whether she will answer that if any of the people who are coming to the election rallies have to be infected, then who will be responsible for it. If all the opposition including Congress is worried about public health, why don’t they oppose these elections?

In rural Uttar Pradesh, the election campaign is at its peak right now, who will be responsible if the infection takes that expansion. In Uttar Pradesh, health services condition has been expressed in a letter by a cabinet minister Brijesh Pathak. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi or other opposition parties are doing nothing except demanding the cancellation of these examinations.

Many political parties, including Congress, are continuously participating in several elections during the Corona period. But when it comes to students’ studies and exams, all parties start worrying about their health. It is a dual character of our political parties. If Rahul, Priyanka and the opposition are worried about the health of the people, then they should demand to stop the election of the gram panchayats in Uttar Pradesh.

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