The world will see rare and beautiful astronomical event on June 21

ArticleThe world will see rare and beautiful astronomical event on June 21


The world will see rare and beautiful astronomical event on June 21

Adnan Siddiqui

Solar eclipse is a beautiful astronomical event and this event, which occurs on June 21, is extremely rare this time, which is not seen on Earth in general. It is being told that the duration of this eclipse is 5 hours 48 minutes. It is being said that this eclipse is going to look like this after a thousand years. When the sunlight does not reach the Earth due to the position of the Moon between the Sun and the Earth, then this condition is called Solar Eclipse.

Why this astronomical phenomenon is rare
Why is the solar eclipse occurring on June 21 such a rare astronomical event. Actually, this is because 21st June is the biggest day of the year, it is called Summer Solstice. From the point of view of Indian culture, after the summer solstice, the Sun becomes Dakshinayan and the time of Dakshinayan of the Sun is very beneficial in attaining spiritual attainments. Summer solstice is the biggest day of the year. This happens when the Earth, orbiting the Sun, reaches its maximum inclination towards the Sun. Every year there are two solstices on earth. A summer and winter solstice, which occurs when the Earth is farthest from the Sun and does not have an inclination towards the Sun.

According to a report by, the first solar eclipse was seen on June 21, 2001. Before that, a similar solar eclipse was seen on June 21 in 1982 as well. In such a situation, it is estimated that on June 21, the next solar eclipse will occur in 2039. Because of this, this solar eclipse is so rare.

Solar eclipse period
According to Indian time, this eclipse will start from 9.15 am to 10:30 pm. The solar eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse in the beginning and it can appear like a full solar eclipse for 10 to 17 minutes. The Solar Eclipse will end at 2.20 pm on Sunday afternoon. While the partial solar eclipse will end at 3.4 pm. The first solar eclipse of the year 2020 will be effective for about 6 hours.

Since this eclipse seems to be in the Sutak period, which will start from 09:15 PM tonight, so the doors of the worship house and temples will be closed during the Sutak period. After the end of the Sutak period, people reopen temples and worship houses. The idols are purified by sprinkling Ganga water on them and the methodical worship recitation starts as before.

According to astrologers, the eclipse time is 12 hours before the start of any complete eclipse and 12 hours after the eclipse. It is believed that during this time no worship or any auspicious work is done in temples. It is only after the end of the Sutak period that the temples open and people begin the rituals of worship.

The effect of solar eclipse will also be in these countries
Apart from India, the solar eclipse on June 21 will be seen in South Africa, Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, Pakistan and China.

The Sutak period during solar eclipse becomes effective 12 hours before the eclipse, which ends with the end of the eclipse. During this time special precautions are required. Particular precautions should be taken especially by pregnant women. During the eclipse period the doors of the place of worship are closed so that the bad effects of the eclipse do not fall on God. Bathing, donating and chanting mantras will be especially fruitful after this solar eclipse.

Keep these things in mind while watching the solar eclipse:

  1. During the solar eclipse people often see the sun with naked eyes. Do not forget this too. It can harm your eyes.
  2. If you want to see solar eclipse then use solar filter glasses for this.
  3. Solar filter glasses are also known as solar-viewing glasses, personal solar filters or eclipse glasses.
  4. Do not see solar eclipse when there are no glasses.
  5. During the solar eclipse, do not look at the sun with a pinhole, telescope or even telescope

Ring of fire will be seen
People can see the Ring of Fire in the solar eclipse on 21 June. Actually, 88 percent of the sun will not be visible during this time because of the moon. Because of this, the edges of the sun will look like a ring. This is called the Ring of Fire. This ring of fire will be seen from a few seconds to 12 minutes in many places.

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