The need to fight anxiety developed by Corona

ArticleThe need to fight anxiety developed by Corona


The need to fight anxiety developed by Corona

By Zeenat Shams

The need to fight anxiety developed by Corona
Zeenat Shams

At present, 193 countries of the world are fighting against the virus named Corona. According to the WHO, no vaccine has been made for this virus yet and so far it is spreading from human to human contact. The best way to avoid this has come so far is to keep ourselves as far away from the contact of others and that is why countries around the world are adopting the method of lockdown. But the biggest question at this time is how long the speed of the moving world can be stopped and this is the biggest concern of the people at this time.

The corona epidemic has caused us economic as well as mental and social damage. People are locked in homes due to lockdown, which is increasing mental distortions in them. Lack of sleep, worsening mood, financial worries, employment worries, study worries. Worry and only worry. People are having bad nightmares. The corona-infected is sent to isolation, where he fights his illness alone, whether he will recover or not, whether he will survive or not. Those exposed to him are quarantine.

Due to the spread of concepts due to corona, people are socially boycotting the corona victim, family and those who treat the corona infected. Landlords are evicting tenants from houses. In depression, Corona infected are taking steps like suicide. Relatives are making a distance from the corona infected. People are not going on the funeral procession of Corona infected person. The son refuses to take the body of his father. Bodies are being forbidden from burial in the graveyard.

According to the WHO guidelines – with safety measures, the corona is not spread by burying or burning the corpse. The government is also helping in this work. Despite this, many people put the responsibility of the funeral on the government.

If any disaster comes, it goes. At this time there is a need to fight the corona epidemic together and not run away from it. Even if someone becomes a victim of corona infection, it needs to be encouraged because all the infected people are not going to die. Most of the people who die from corona virus are elderly or those who have already had a chronic disease. That’s why the responsibility of protecting such people from corona is more

It is said that worry is like pyre, so do not let anxiety come to you. Keep yourself busy in homes, study books, meditate, do yoga, give the talent hidden inside you an opportunity to come out. Keep physical distance but do not make social distance. Our society, our culture has always been consistent. Family, friends all live together. The mutual disharmony that is developing due to corona will have a very bad effect on the social fabric. To avoid this, call relatives, neighbours, friends, video them and ask about their condition so that they do not feel locked in the houses even in lockdown.

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