Suspected coronavirus patient committed suicide

ArticleSuspected coronavirus patient committed suicide


Jumping from the seventh floor of the Safdarjung hospital

New Delhi: A suspected patient of corona virus admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in the capital Delhi committed suicide by jumping from the building. Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Devendra Arya said that the deceased has been identified as Tanveer Singh. He was admitted to the hospital at 9 pm on Wednesday (March 18). The suspected patient was hospitalized on his return from Sydney, Australia.

According to other media reports, the suspected patient was 35 years old. He committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of the hospital.

Let us know that after four more cases of corona virus infection in different parts of the country, the number of people infected with this deadly virus has increased to 151. The Health Ministry said that three people and 25 foreign nationals, including those who lost their lives in Delhi, Karnataka and Maharashtra are also involved in these cases.

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