Protesting farmers could not be treated like Shaheen Bagh protestors

ArticleProtesting farmers could not be treated like Shaheen Bagh protestors


Protesting farmers could not be treated like Shaheen Bagh protestors

2020 has left ugly mark let us hope some betterment in 2021

Ubaiullah Nasir

Protesting farmers could not be treated like Shaheen Bagh protestors

Every passing year leaves behind itself some beautiful some ugly some memorable and some forgettable imprints but this “Manhoos”(unauspicious) 2020 is thankfully going leaving behind itself very sad very cruel very shameful and very bad imprints all the world over in general and for India in particular. We Indian particularly those who believes in India’s ethos of inclusiveness, secularism, rule of law and constitutional values saw and bear some very painful and sad moment specially three events that defined our political scenario in this outgoing year. Top among them had been the enactment of citizenship amendment act (CAA) against which first voice was raised from Assam and other NE states but within days it became a nationwide protest specially among minorities. Delhi’s Shaheen bagh created the history where thousands of women protestors sat on Dharna to protest against this law which is opposed to the very spirit of our constitution that prohibits citizenship on the basis of religion.

Before CAA protest union home minister and right hand man of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Mr. Amit Shah has made some menacing speeches including calling migrants from Bangla Desh as termites. It is worth mentioning here that infamous Nelli massacre of Assam took place immediately after BJP stalwart and late prime minister Atal ji has made a similar dangerous speech telling people that had there been similar inflow of migrants in Punjab the Punjabis would have cut them into pieces. Mr. Amit Shah through his speeches made it abundantly clear that he will be using citizenship act as a weapon. Shaheen Bagh protest made a history. According to Mr. Manoj Jha RJD MP when we as law maker failed to protect the constitution it is sisters mothers and Dadis of Shaheen bagh who took over the responsibility of protecting the constitution. It was the first nationwide protest of people which took place at such a large level without the support of RSS,otherwise all the protest and mass movements had the backing of RSS be it Lohiya’s JP’s VP’s anti congress movement or Anna’s Lokpal movement or Ayodhya movement of BJP. No bad weather no governments insensitivity and no cruelty of administration could deter the Shaheen bagh protestors from their determination. Government and its ever supporting media did everything possible to defame the protest and lastly government used its time tested trick of communal riot. Delhi saw the worst communal riots in which more than 50 people lost their lives and property worth millions was gutted.It was in real sense not a communal riot but the police action against minorities supported by RSS militia the Bajrang Dal and even today the discriminatory attitude of Delhi police continues one sided actions arrests are being made and the police is trying its best to put all the blame of communal riot on Shaheen bagh protestors. The blatant partiality compelled super cop Julio Ribero to write an open letter to IPS officers to be professional honest to their duty and adherence to constitution later more than 100 retired police officers also wrote letter to Delhi police commissioner raising objection on the way Delhi riots were being probed and members of minority community were being made target. Delhi police crossed all the limits of fair play and professionalism when the office of senior SC advocate Siraj Paracha office was raided because he was pleading the case of innocent Muslims who were arrested by Delhi police.

As if it was not sufficient Tablighi Jamat ( read Muslims in general) were held responsible for the spread of Covid 19 in India. Government machinery media and pro RSS people left no stone unturned to blame the Muslims including Muslim vendors vegetable sellers etc for working under a conspiracy to spread the disease. Hundreds of Muslims including many foreigners were arrested but first Bombay High Court then Allahabad High Court and Delhi court released them and passed strictures against police. Lockdown that was imposed in very irresponsible and unplanned manner not only saw the economic disaster but the humane tragedy also in which dozens of people died while walking hundreds of miles bare foot without food and water.

The year at the end saw repeat of Sahaheen Bagh in form of farmer’s protest against three farm laws enacted by Modi government. This government is showing same callousness cruelty and arrogance that it had showed to Shaheen bagh protestors. If Shaheen bagh protestors were branded anti national Pakistani agents traitors etc. farmers from Punjab Haryana and west UP sitting on Dharna at Delhi borders are being branded Khalistani anti nationals etc. Government and farmer’s representatives have met six times two of their demands has been accepted by the government but they are insignificant demands. Major demands of farmers have yet not been accepted and there seems to be no chance of government budging to farmer’s demand. Actually it is a clash between the interests of public and corporate. Farmers are fighting to protect the interest of public ensuring food security and government seems to be adamant to protect the corporate interest.

Covid helped the government in ending the Shaheen bagh protest which natural calamity government is awaiting to end the farmers stir. Let good sense prevail upon the government. Let farmers and government reached on any respectful agreement that may pave the way for ending the farmers stir. Let us hope and pray 2021 will be better than 2020 .

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