Positive Thinking Series # 2 – Enjoy the Little Things

ArticlePositive Thinking Series # 2 – Enjoy the Little Things


Positive Thinking Series # 2 – Enjoy the Little Things

In my earliest post, I had encouraged you all to take part in listing down 5 things you are able to do and are grateful about amid coronavirus outbreak. Here I am sharing my 5 things:

1) I am grateful that I am able to stay at home. (Think about those homeless, poor, disadvantaged people who don’t have a house and live in unhygienic living conditions.)

2) I am grateful that I can live with my immediate family members and take care of their nourishment and health by buying vegetables, fruits, grocery items, milk products and medicines from nearby shops. (Think about those who were living in hostels, caring homes etc. and those living in villages who lack these everyday basic necessities.)

3) I am grateful that I can do my office-work from home and earn a living. (Think about those sanitisation workers, milkmen, bank employees and other essential service providers who have to venture out of their homes necessarily to ensure that common men get the required services on a daily basis despite the lockdown. They cannot pay their bills if they don’t move out of their house.)

4) I am grateful that I can eat well, sleep well, watch television, spend quality time with my family members, read interesting books and do my household chores even in this lockdown period. (Think about those medical workers who have to visit hospitals and test coronavirus affected and treat other patients and lead a busy schedule in this crisis period. They cannot enjoy this time as they are dealing directly with people in sufferings.)

5) I am grateful that the national lockdown period is going to end in the next two weeks as by that time the coronavirus spread will be curbed and everyone can resume their job outside and lead a normal life again. (Living with the hope that things will be fine is far better than expecting the worst all the time.)

Did you understand that seeing the positive in small things that are already with us also makes a big difference?Looking at the good / positive reduces your stress levels thus, making you understand life is not that gloomy as . much as you think. Just imagine if you practice this kind of positive thinking everyday, how much your life will be changed for the better. Think about it and take the action. Choice is always yours!

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