Nation is shaken by the viral video showing shrouds being removed

ArticleNation is shaken by the viral video showing shrouds being removed


Nation is shaken by the viral video showing shrouds being removed

Ubaidullah Nasir

Nation is shaken by the viral video showing shrouds being removed

The more they are trying to hide the facts the more they are exposed as the facts are emerging from sand and river bed . The viral video of removing Ramnami saffron Shrouds, woods and bamboos from the graves at river bed at Prayagraj has shaken the common man in general and sanatani Hindus in general. First of all it was hundreds of decomposed dead bodies floating in Ganga being eaten by stray dogs, jackals, vultures crows etc. then emergence of another thousands grave yard in Unnao, Prayagraj and other cities situated at the banks of river Ganga and now this inhuman scene of removing Ramnami saffron shrouds woods and bamboos. Every such scene is telling loudly that the death toll as given by Yogi government is much more high .

Cornered from all four side the district administration of Prayagraj has now set up an enquiry committee to probe the contents of the viral video and to find out who was behind this activity and at whose order this was done. The district administration went in action after Congress general secretary Ms. Priyanka Vadra Gandhi shared this viral clip. She also tweeted saying “when alive proper treatment was not provided. Many were not even accorded proper last rites. There was no mention of them in government data. And now even the Ramnami is being snatched from the graves. Concerned about saving its image the government is now committing sins, What kind of cleanliness campaign is this? This is disrespect to the dead, religion and humanity. “

Reports have earlier emerged that all this exercise was done at the behest of district administration but after this hue and cry and condemnation from all four sides the clarification was issued by the district administration that it has nothing to do with this clean up drive and the probe has been ordered. The Prayagraj district magistrate B C Goswami denied these reports and said that there is an standing order to ensure cleanliness at the ghats but no order has been issued to remove the saffron shrouds. Mr. Goswami told media persons that the committee comprising Additional district magistrate (Administration) and Superintendent of Police Gangapar has been asked to submit its reports as soon as possible and action will be taken at their findings. The burial of bodies is not the new thing as it has been happening from the time immemorial. According to Hindu mythology the mortal remains of children unmarried women and people died of snake bites are buried .However the viral videos shows innumerable sites of graves and so many graves may not be of those died due to the aforesaid reasons. The number of graves is shockingly high and are clearly are of those who died of pandemic.

District Magistrate also said that the removal of shroud is definitely a shocking incident and proper action will be taken once the report of the said committee is received. He also said that the district administration is convincing the people to opt for cremation and not bury the corpses. This will however never be known that how these people whose graves have emerged from sand and from whose bodies the shrouds were removed died under which circumstances.

How many people died of pandemic in Uttar Pradesh will never be known as the government is hell bent upon hiding the truth from public but emergence of such proofs shows that the death toll was much more high than reported.

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