Murder at the name of Islam is unIslamic

ArticleMurder at the name of Islam is unIslamic


Murder at the name of Islam is unIslamic

  • Neither murder is justified nor the caricature of Prophet

Ubaidullah Nasir

Murder at the name of Islam is unIslamic

Remembering a verse of great poet Allama Iqbal “Bechta hai Hashmi namoos deene Mustafa” it roughly means that members of Prophet Mohammad ‘s own clan are selling the reputation of his religion Islam.Though the historical background of this long nazm of Allama Iqbal of which this is just a verse was different but the truth still remains that so called Muslims at the name of Islam or prophet of Islam are doing more damage to Muslims and Islam than other enemies or opponents of Islam and Muslims. Be it Al Qaeda or ISIS or any other such violet terrorist organization they are doing more damage to Islam than Zionists Philangists or Sanghis. The shameful story that started from Karbala some 1450 years ago is not coming to an end and only God knows it will ever end or not. Caricatures and cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in France must have been opposed by organizing peaceful protest and other legal and democratic ways but murder could not be justified.

Seen in this background the recent murder of four people in France by Muslim extremists is yet another step to defame Islam at the name of Islam and its Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). In a civilized world where even death sentence by courts after due process of law is being opposed and has been prohibited in many countries such barbaric act could not and should not be accepted. Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) the messenger of Allah has been described by Allah in Quran as “Rahamatul lil aalmeen”( Mercy for the whole world ) who by his deeds and teachings has propagated peace mercy and forgiveness could not be happy by such barbaric acts at his name. When Quran clearly says that murder of an innocent person is the murder of entire humanity how these so called Islam and Prophet lovers commits such heinous crime is difficult to be understood.

It must be remembered that death sentence at blasphemy and insulting Prophet Mohammad is nowhere to be found in Islamic jurisprudence neither at the time of Prophet Mohammad himself nor during the rules of Caliphs this punishment was suggested. Neither Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafai Imam Hambli Imam Ghazali and Imam Jafar Sadiq who after studying Quran and Hadiths in depth have formulated so many laws that are applied even today in personal lives of Muslims all over world have ever suggested this punishment. It was many centuries after Prophet Mohammad that Ibne Timiya suggested this punishment that too after Christian missioneries crossed all limits of decency in not only condemning but even abusing Prophet Mohammad. It is surprising that in recent times death sentence at blasphemy without any due process of law was awarded by Imam Khomeini of Iran to controversial writer Salman Rushdie at his book Satanic Verses. Imam Khomeini was a Shia cleric and Shias are dead opposed to Ibne Timiya but Imam Khomeini used his fatwa to award death sentence to Rushdi. Most cruel unjustified blatantly partial blasphemy law has been implemented by Pakistan whose non Muslim population is at the receiving end of the law. However, there have been many instances when even Muslims were accused and arrested under this draconian law. They were wrongly accused to settle personal score and land disputes. A section of Pakistani society is so bigoted that even suggestion of easing and amending some provisions of this draconian law is bitterly opposed. Governor Salman Tasir was murdered by his own security guard simply because he has advocated to abrogate this law. When this body guard was hanged to death thousands of peoples have joined his last journey.

Inspite of all these facts this must be realized by every non Muslim that Prophets love and respect in the heart of every Muslim is unexplainable. He will tolerate any criticism to Allah or any other type of criticism abuse and insult but not to Prophet Mohammad it is unacceptable and unbearable for a common Muslim . Even in our own country India Islam and Muslims are being demonized insulted and humiliated continuously for the last 6-7 years and unfortunately it has the backing of government. Our TV channels have crossed all limits of decency and fair play during their prime time debates on so called Muslims issue Tariq Fateh a Canada based Pakistani Muslim is their blue eyed boy just because by name he is Muslim and speaks against Islam and Muslims but there has never been any protest against this by Indian Muslims only some FIRs which went unattended by police or a PIL by Jamiatul Ulema Hind in Supreme Court. But when it comes against Prophet Mohammad it became intolerable for a common Muslim he may not and must not be violent but he is hurt in depth when such any incident happened. Long long ago great Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi has said “Ba Khuda diwaana bash o ba Mohammad hoshiyar ( For Allah you may be careless and even mad but for Mohammad you have to be attentive and respectful )

Caricatures and cartoons of Prophet Mohammad are being justified at the name of freedom of expression. It is very surprising that on one hand they say “Freedom of your hand ends where my nose begins” on the other hand they are advocating absolute freedom including freedom to hurt. But in a civilized world no freedom could be and should be absolute otherwise it will bring jungle raj. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on this controversy has rightly said that no freedom could be absolute it must have some limits. No society will remain peaceful if sentiments of any of its section is hurt that too with systematic mischievous intentions. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that sentiments of its every sections of society are not hurt and no section is discriminated against the other. In the case of France neither murder is justified nor the cartoons.

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