Mask Go, Corona Returns

ArticleMask Go, Corona Returns


Mask Go, Corona Returns

Naved Shikoh

The government will now keep the rein of digital media in its hands. The central government has issued new rules, laws for social media etc. The rumor was spread by false news while surfacing this news on Thursday and misusing social media on the same day. By showing false news of a mask checking campaign by UP police, social media showed its distorted face. They proved that it is very important to rein in government on digital media / social media.

It is a crime to mislead people by running a rumor or false news. If someone misleads people by running such news on social media, then the police take action against him. Interestingly, if any false news related to the police is viral on social media, then it is natural for the police to come in quick action. When this false news came that the police was running a mask checking operation, the police said that this news was false and said that necessary legal action would be taken against those who spread such misleading news.

I wish the false news of the mask checking campaign by the police would have been true. Corona is turning once again, and unfortunately, the public has forgotten the necessary precautions like masks. I wish the police were tough to rescue Corona once again. People would become aware again and realize the dangers of Corona. We cannot forget how dangerous these dangerous viruses proved to be for the world. Even if a good time has come, one should continue to feel the experience of bad times.

Nearly one year of the Corona period is about to pass. The current season is reminding something. The pleasant weather of Phagun, which gives relief from normal temperatures, is also frightening. In March itself, Covid 19 (Coronavirus) started establishing its footing in India. There was some relief from the Corona, which messed up life for about eight-ten months, that its danger had started looming. After a year, the chances of its reversal are frightening. Corona Cases which were moving towards almost zero, now its numbers are gradually increasing.

Corona is also calling once to celebrate the birthday of her ill-fated birth in India. Governments are also accepting this. We all have to be smart. Take precautions again, and do not be negligent.

The distance-mask of two yards is necessary, as strictly follow the precautions. But this is not happening. According to an estimate, if we talk about UP, only about ten percent of the people are responsible for the correct use of masks. Twenty percent of people hang the mask on the chin and do not apply it correctly. That is, it does not cover the nose and mouth. Thirty percent of people carry masks in their pockets, their car, their bags, or anywhere else. So that if there is strictness about the imperative of the mask, then remove and apply the mask. And forty percent of people have forgotten the mask at all. Whereas even if the Corona were finished, the process of applying the mask would have been bad, even if there was harm!

If everyone had used the habit of applying the mask forever, it would have been considered a positive experience of the Corona period. Everyone knows that the mask not only protects the coronavirus but also protects it from other germs, invisible droplets of sputum/sneeze, dust-grime, smoke, toxic air pollution, etc. To avoid the harsh weather of summer and winter, we tie the cloth anyway. In such a situation, like the citizens of Europe, if we make a habit of applying masks on normal days, it is good.

This is not impossible for any age group or poor-rich. In the Corona era, everyone has the skill to mask a small piece of cloth. Masks up to two rupees are also available in the market.

On Thursday, news related to the mask went viral throughout the day, and in the evening, the UP police called the news misleading. The false news was that from 9 am, a 30-day campaign of mask checking would be carried out in all police station areas of Uttar Pradesh. All cities and villagers use masks and avoid challan proceedings and avoid ten-hour temporary imprisonment (jail).

Rejecting this false news on social media, the Uttar Pradesh Police said that this news is false and misleading. The Uttar Pradesh Police are conducting no such 30-day campaign of mask checking, nor has any such information been disseminated. Therefore, please do not pay attention to such misleading news; whoever spreads such misleading, necessary legal action will be taken against them.

I wish the UP police could prove this lie a bit true, and one day UP Police should carry out the mask checking campaign.

Translated By : Garima

मास्क गो, कोरोना रिटर्न

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