Know which services operational and what will be closed during lockdown period

ArticleKnow which services operational and what will be closed during lockdown period


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced that the country is being lockeddown for 21 days to avoid the corona virus. This step has been taken to strictly implement social distancing (social distance), the most important weapon against this dangerous virus. In such a situation, it is necessary to know which services will be operational during these 21 days and what will be closed.

Health infrastructure will not be closed. Chemist shops, medical equipment shops, labs and ration shops will remain open. Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, nursing homes will be open. Services such as Petrol, CNG, LPG, PNG will continue. Public distribution system and ration shops will be open, fruit and vegetable, dairy and milk, meat and fish, fodder shops will be open.

Permission to operate a private vehicle will also be in very important circumstances. People will be allowed to go to buy ration, medicine, milk and vegetables only for the need. Delivery of food, medicines, medical equipment through e-commerce will continue. Ambulance service will also continue. Medical workers, nurses, para-medical staff and hospital support staff will be allowed to travel.

Public places such as malls, halls, gyms, spas, sports clubs will remain closed. All restaurants, shops will remain closed. Educational institutions, training, research, coaching institutes will remain closed. Will close religious and places of worship. Religious events will not be allowed. Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural programs will not be allowed. No more than 20 people will be allowed to attend the funeral.

Hotels, homestays, lodges and motels will be open for tourists, medical, emergency staff, air and water transport crew stranded in lockdown. The buildings being used as quarantine facility will also remain open.

All modes of public transport will be closed. Bus or train services will not run.

Banks, insurance offices, ATMs will remain open. Print and electronic media will continue to work. Telecommunication, Internet services, broadcasting and cable, IT services will continue to work, but work from home will have to be done as much as possible. Capital and debt market service will continue as per the order of the Security and Exchange Board of India. Cold storage and warehouse will remain open. Private security services will continue.

All factories, workshops, offices, warehouses, markets in the week will be closed. All offices, autonomous / subordinate offices and public corporations of the Central and State Governments and Union Territories will remain closed. Commercial and private institutions will remain closed.

Defense, Central Armed Police Forces, Treasury, Disaster Management, Power Generation and Transmission Unit, Post Office, National Informatics Center, Forecasting Agencies will be open. Police, home guards, civil defense, fire and emergency services, jails, district administration and treasury, electricity, water and sanitation work will continue.

After obtaining permission from the state government, such production units will be opened where continuous work is done. Only staff working in sanitation and water supply will have to work in the civic bodies. At least employees will be allowed to go to offices which will remain open. Also, it has to be ensured that the guidelines are followed to protect the working employees from the corona virus.

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