How to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 in coronavirus lockdown

ArticleHow to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 in coronavirus lockdown


How to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 in coronavirus lockdown

Mother’s Day is nearing. Yes, the special day to appreciate your mom’s selfless efforts to raise you and make you what you are today is coming soon. In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10 May 2020, Sunday.

So during this coronavirus lockdown, if you are staying with your mother, it’s time to thank her the best way possible. Don’t worry how are you going to something extraordinary or unique to make her feel special amid coronavirus lockdown. Just the thought that you are trying to make her happy is itself going to surprise her.

Here are some interesting ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day by staying at home:
1) Write a beautiful note to your mother:
If you are staying with your mother, then take a pen and a paper, and write a thoughtful message of how you are grateful for having a mother like her. In case you are living in another city than your mom, then don’t feel sad. In the times of digital media, you have all different ways to send her a cute photo with a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, YouTube videos etc. Just the three words ‘I Love You Maa’ and two words ‘Thank You’ will make her feel so blessed to be your parent.

2) Cook something tasty:
Maa always keeps cooking for you and fulfilling your demands of favourite items every now and then. It’s time to request her to take a day-off from the kitchen and put your cooking apron and prepare her favourite dish. Just add your love and care in the flavour of the dish and see how good she would feel to eat it. In case your mom is staying away from you, then cook her favourite dish at your home and send her a photograph of the same. Tell her how much you remembered her while cooking her favourite food. She will be more than surprised.

3) Cleanliness as a gift:
You know mothers care for everyone’s well-being. When coronavirus outbreak happened, she must have immediately started keeping all her things clean and tidy in the house, just so that no one should get infected with the deadly virus. On this mother’s day, helping her cleaning the house or giving her the much-needed break from sanitizing your home can be the most wonderful gift, which she would have never expected from you. In case, you stay away from your home, then it’s time to do deep cleaning at the place you stay and take its pictures and show your mother how well you are taking care of yourself. She will be delighted that her small child has grown up to be such a responsible citizen of the country.

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