Hard realities are haunting the people ,romance is over

ArticleHard realities are haunting the people ,romance is over


Hard realities are haunting the people ,romance is over

Ubaidullah Nasir

Hard realities are haunting the people ,romance is over

The writing on the wall is clear from five state assembly elections to three tier panchayat elections in UP BJP has face drubbing and the so called Modi magic is wanning. Though BJP has managed to retain power in Assam but Congress lead alliance got more vote 42.3% than BJP lead alliance that got 39.7% votes. In these elections BJP has concentrated more on Bengal than on any other state. For Bengal victory it has started working three years before the schedule. Thousand of RSS groomed young but lumpen youths were sent to Bengal from Prime Minister to a talluqa level leader no one has left any stone unturned to win Bengal as usual Election commission too didn’t lagged behind it shamelessly draw the election schedule so that the prime minister who according to opposition leaders is more BJP’s Prachar Mantri ( propaganda Minister ) than country’s Pradhan Mantri could get more and more time to campaign for his party Even at the peak of pandemic he didn’t’ stopped campaign endangering the life of thousands of his audience and workers .The Kolkata High court came down heavily on Central Election Commission for not stopping such type of campaign .But the end result is that BJP could win 77 seats whereas its target was 200 seats . Mamata Banerjee facing all sort of onslaught gave BJP a humiliating defeat.

BJP’s major bastion is UP .A more brazen and cruel face of Hindutva Yogi Adityanath is leading its government here .The Upm assembly elections are just a few months away .The recently held panchayat raj elections are said to be a rehearsal for forthcoming assembly elections so all the parties put their best to win maximum ward members but the results have unnerved BJP leadership because its main rival Samajwadi Party has won almost one and half time more seats than BJP even in prime minster’s constituency Varanasi and its temporal bastion Ayodhya it performed very poorly in almost all districts BJP lagged behind SP. According to the political observers the main reason behind this defeat of ruling BJP is mismanagement of pandemic where thousand of people died because of oxygen and other medical facilities .Allahabad High Court has termed these deaths as genocide .Earlier the Kisan movement has also dented in the popularity of BJP government .First paddy and sugarcane farmers wept and now wheat farmers are weeping because no proper arrangement has been made for government purchase compelling the farmers particularly small farmers to sell their wheat at much lesser rate than the MSP.

Since BJP means Narendra Modi the defeat clearly shows that his popularity has nose dived .Just remember when he became Prime Minister he was being worshipped like a Devta. He was compared to Lord Mahadev “har har mahadev” the age old slogan of sanatan Hinduism was replaced by “Har har Modi “one could criticise his policies only at the risk of being beaten by his bhakts. Now see at social media and public debate he is not only the most criticised but even most abused prime minister the country ever had.

Modi was having a wonderful survival instinct .All his misadventures that have costed very dear to the nation proved to be political boon for him .The demonetisation destroyed the nation’s economy to the extent that we could still not recovered but Modi magic remained tight so was the case with GST that destroyed the trade but traders themselves remained loyal to Modi. His government was most irresponsible at the time of first wave of Corona virus and when the danger started knocking at our door he foolishly announce lockdown at the short notice of four hours .It was such a foolish and cruel decision that not only displaced thousand of workers who left to their native places from their work places even on foot .The movement of hapless migrant workers ladies and children still haunts our mind hundred of workers died en route for want of food and water. It was the social work by thousand of youths of all communities who risked their lives to provide food and water to these migrant workers .It was believed that these workers will not forget their plight and will teach Modi a lesson at the hustings but Bihar assembly elections proved otherwise.

But this time story is different. Kisan movement though confined to Punjab Haryana and west UP but has its impact at national level every farmer big small or marginal is worried for the safety of his agriculture and status of remaining a farmer and not the labour it has undone caste and religion divide among farmers and second wave of pandemic Covid 19 for which the mismanagement irresponsible attitude and criminal negligence of Modi government is solely responsible is going to be the final onslaught on the popularity of Modi and his party the BJP .

Next round of assembly election in Punjab, UP, Uttarakhand and in few other states is going to be held early next year and as shown in UP panchayat raj elections BJP hardly has any chance in any of these states .Modi magic has waned the romance is over hard and harsh realities are haunting the voters and this time they will vote for nation and for themselves not for any so called idol.

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