Expose their lies and face their ire

ArticleExpose their lies and face their ire


Expose their lies and face their ire

Ubaidullah Nasir

Expose their lies and face their ire

Cornered nationally and internationally due to their criminal negligence in fighting against second wave of pandemic Covid 19 that has claimed the lives of lakhs of people Modi government has now started fighting the ghost . Other state governments ruled by BJP are also not lagging behind and prosecuting, arresting those who are raising their voice against this criminal mismanagement. A poster movement was started in Delhi where thousands of posters suddenly appeared asking emotionally “Modi ji hamare bachchon ke vaccine videsh kyon bhej diye” ( Modi ji why vaccines meant for our children were exported ) .This poster has so much annoyed the government that Delhi police has registered 17 FIRs under several sections of IPC and arrested 15 people in this connection. Delhi police has announced that it will register more FIRs and will arrest more people if it received complaints in this regard. But the poster movement has not stopped thousands of people mostly Congress workers and top leaders including Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi etc. have displayed this poster on their Facebook, Twitter account daring Modi government to arrest them. It is very surprising that Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi has earlier himself proudly announced that India has helped 150 countries in their fight against Covid 19 means vaccines were exported to these contries. Indian envoy in UNO has also told the world body that India has provided vaccines and other medicines to many countries .Then why action is being taken against those who are asking questions that why need of these vaccines was not imagined to fight second wave of Covid 19, why it was exported. How could a democratically elected government be so intolerant and stubborn to send all those behind bars who dare to raise voice against their irresponsibility, mismanagement and negligence.

Earlier national president of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas BV was subjected to police grilling that how he was helping the patient and from where he is getting oxygen cylinders and other medicines as if he was committing any crime in providing help to dying patient. A member of Delhi legislative assembly Imran Ahmad faced the FIR for storing few oxygen gas cylinders that he has purchased from his own pocket .Delhi police was snubbed by the court for this highhandedness.

UP chief minster Yogi Adityanath who is know for his strong arm governance is also not lagging behind. He has earlier ordered to arrest and attach the properties of all those who raises their voice on social media against the shortage of medical oxygen and other medicines ,shortage of beds in hospitals and other mismanagement. But the supreme court came down heavily against this illegal and unconstitutional order and warned the states administration that no such FIR must be registered and any officer ignoring SC order and registering FIRs against any such complaint will face the contempt of court action. The floating dead bodies in different rivers of state mainly Ganga has once again exposed the mismanagement of UP government. A retired IAS officer of the state Surya Pratap Singh is facing the government ire over his tweet that the UP government has had buried 67 bodies on the bank of river Ganga using earthmover. A FIR has been filed against him in Kotwali police station of Unnao he has been accused of tagging a photograph 2014 along with his tweet showing dead bodies floating in Ganga .Mr. Singh has tweeted “Yogi government buries 67 bodies using JCB machines –Yogi’s UP model- No treatment for those alive and no last rite for the dead .The HC was right in slamming the government “. It may be remembered that the Allahabad High court has earlier termed the covid related deaths for want of medicines and oxygen as genocide . After registration of the case Mr. Singh sent another tweet “Are bodies not floating in Unnao ? Will truth be altered by lodging a case against me.”

How could Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar who is destined to dance to the tune of BJP lag behind . He arrested Pappu Yadav ex MP and a senior leader of Bihar who is known for his social services. His crime was that he has exposed a BJP MP and ex Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy who was hiding several ambulance vehicles in his house at Sarang. The ambulances were purchased from his development fund and thus were public property. Hiding them in such a grave situation is the crime not only under several sections of IPC but a crime against humanity also . But BJP has some other standard of governance. To them exposing truth that damages their public image is an unpardonable crime and such persons have to face the full might of state.

BJP government at the centre and the states are more interested in image building and achieving headlines by false propaganda and media management and any attempt to burst their balloon of lies and false propaganda naturally invites their ire .It is the crux of all such episodes.

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