Brahmins up in arm against BJP

ArticleBrahmins up in arm against BJP


Brahmins up in arm against BJP

Their support may change political fortune of any party

Ubaidullah Nasir

UP Brahmins are up in arms against BJP in general and Yogi government in particular due to mindless encounter killing of notorious gangster Vikas Dubey and his six shooters that includes an underage boy and a newly wedded young man married just two days before. Though no one has any sympathy with these notorious killers who have gunned down eight policemen in a naxal like ambush in a village under Chaubeypur police station of Kanpur district. Everyone has wanted their end but not through extra judicial killing but by due process of law. The saga took casteist colour because many gangster much more notorious than Vikas are languishing in jail and are continuing their criminal activities and running business empire from there.

Notorious ganagster having an award of three lakh ruppes on his head is languishing in Varansai jail and getting government contracts worth crores on the basis of his notoriety and belonging to Chief Ministers caste ie Thakur.Chulbul Singh his brother have been nominated member of legislative council by BJP his wife too has been MLC for one term. Slain don Munna Bajrangi too was having political and mafia support including from Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh BJP MP from UP’s Qaisarganj constituency he was emerging as a rival to Dhananjay Singh in Jaunpur politics so he was killed allegedly by Dhananjay Singh gang,Brijesh Singh Vinit Singh Kuntu Singh Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh Ajay Singh Dhananjay Singh Abhay Singh Raja Bhayya Tribhuvan Singh Atiq Ahmad Mukhtar Ansari Ashraf and dozens like him having political support are continuing with their criminal activities and enjoying five star facility in jail.

Yogi Adityanath after becoming chief minister adopted the policy of “thonk do”(kill) and police started encounters of criminals many of them are allegedly fake but the our system has become such that truth has become a casualty it never emerges and every inquiry gives report according to the wishes of government. We have seen in its worst shameful example in Bhopal jail brake case where locks of jail were opened by a wooden key seven alleged terrorists escaped from jail they were seen unarmed at a plateau type height begging not to shoot its photos were viral on social media but were gunned down by MP police an enquiry committee was set up under a retired high court judge who in its report justified the encounter .In Vikas Dubey and his shooters encounter case no reasonable person in his sense will accept that a surrendered criminal will muster the courage to snatch gun from a policeman and escape, the genuine question arises why such gangsters are not handcuffed after arrest. So far the matter of Vikas is concerned he was arrested by MP Police and handed over to UP police which brought him UP without obtaining mandatory transit order from Ujjain session court. The illegality started from here then Vikas was in police custody and his security and safe handover to court was police duty nothing of this sort was done what explanation police has for all such illegalities. More importantly Vikas Dubey was having iron rod in his injured legs how could he escape he could not move even 100 meters in fast speed only a fool will accept the police theory of sudden coming of buffalo herds before police vehicles vehicles skidded all policemen in vehicle are injured but not Vikas who seeing the opportunity snatched service revolver of a sub inspector and escaped after few minutes another police vehicles following previous one reached and the injured policemen of first vehicle told them the story second police team ran behind Vikas and shoot him in chest. No other media’s vehicle could reach the spot but to notoriously BJP friendly channels Aaj Tak and Republice TV crew could reach the spot . A story full of foolishness and bundle of lies.

Now the Brahmin angle. Immediately after UP had so many Brahmin Chief Ministers they include Govind Ballabh Pant, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, Narain Dutt Tiwari (two terms). After BJP got frst time majority in UP assembly it was expected that either kalraj Mishra or Brahmdatt Dwivedi will be Chief Minister but Kalyan Singh( a Lodh OBC leader) was crowned then Rajnath Singh and Ram Prakash Gupta were made Chief Minsters by BJP and the claim of Brahmin leaders mainly Kalraj Mishra was always ignored. Brahmins votes were taken for granted by BJP. It was the era of Mandal kamandal politics it weakens Congress and its traditional vote bank of Brahmins Muslims and SC/ ST was divided among three major players in UP politics ie Brahmins went to BJP Muslims to Samajvadi party and SC/ST to BSP . But after thirty years of this mandal kamandal UP politics is taking a new turn . Congress is fastly emerging as an option pushing behind SP and BSP. In this scenario Brahmins are thinking coming back to their natural old home Congress. With Priyanka Gandhi grand daughter of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru at the helm of affairs in UP Congress as its general secretary incharge, Brahmins are seeing their own daughter on CM’s chair after a long gap of thirty years. On the other hand state party President Ajay Kumar Lallu with his street fighter image has galvanized the cadres. Fact is that it is Congress only which is fighting for people’s cause and SP BSP are just silent spectators. Muslims too are fed up with false promises and emotional black mail by SP and are angry at its silence during their most hard period when a reign of terror was let loose by Yogi ji after protest against CAA. Then it was only Priyanka Gandhi, Ajay Kumar Lallu and other Congressmen who from every nook and corner of UP who came to their rescue and raised their voice on every possible platform including NHRC and Allahabad High Court.

Twenty percent Muslims and eighteen percent Brahmin voters together may change political fortune of any party. This is also a hard fact that Mayawati has practically made BSP as B team of BJP so Dalits specially educated and Ambedkarites are not very happy with her and are looking towards Congress as an option.Congress which till a year ago was poor fourth in state politics has suddenly became man challenger to BJP Brahmins are going to play a major role in it revival Muslims and Dalits may follow. It will be an opportunity for Brahmins to find back their lost political glory and it is true to Muslim also. Let us see how carefully and tactfully they play their cards.

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