5 Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Women’s Day 2021

Article5 Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Women’s Day 2021


5 Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Women’s Day 2021

Women’s Day 2021 is celebrated on 8 March, that is today. The theme of this year is #ChooseToChallenge. It means that a “challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change”. 

Considering that we are living in a coronavirus world, a lot of things have changed in and around us. We as women are evolving each day with new thoughts, new ideas, and new concepts of being ourselves. So, why not celebrate Women’s Day 2021 with some superb ideas.

1) Write a Love letter to yourself:

We always think that love letters have to be written to people whom we love or admire. What about you? Don’t you admire yourself? Don’t you think that you deserve the needed love and affection that you always think of giving to others? Well, even if you don’t feel so, this Women’s Day, it’s time to choose to challenge the old belief of not loving yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, know that despite all your flaws and good qualities, you are lovable, and write yourself a beautiful love letter wherein you promise to love yourself no matter what.

2) Time to get a new haircut or makeover:

Had it been a long time that you haven’t done that haircut that you wanted to or get that facial makeup that you desired to? If so, then it’s time to take a half-day off today from your work and go to that preferred beauty parlor and get done with whatever you want to. It’s time to change the way you look and embrace the new change.

3) Choose to challenge the norms:

Your in-laws have been expecting you to behave in a particular way or your kids want you to do what you have been doing all life long to keep them happy. But inside you, you are feeling rejected or defeated for acting as per everyone’s wishes. The inside You are no longer happy and want to get the required freedom to pursue your dreams and wishes. It’s time to challenge the societal norms and speak up for your life’s betterment. Don’t worry about the consequences, just be brave and share what you think is right according to you. In the process, at least people around you will know who your real self is, rather than living a fake life.

4) Say Yes to Positivity:

When we lead a positive life, we are not disturbed by the negative energies that pull us down. Now how do you welcome positivity? It is very simple. Just listen to your heart and do what you love the most. It can be anything. If you are happy, the world around you becomes happier, merrier, and worthy of living. 

5) Organize a virtual party:

Well, as coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in many states, each state is coming up with its own restrictions for get-togethers to be held in public places. How about connecting with all your friends and relatives and asking them to wear a certain color dress code and be ready to attend a virtual party at their own homes. You can sing songs, dance, share shayaris and crack jokes and all such stuff and conduct the women’s day party in a fashionable manner.

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