11 beautiful quotes to EMPOWER you in coronavirus lockdown

Article11 beautiful quotes to EMPOWER you in coronavirus lockdown


11 beautiful quotes to EMPOWER you in coronavirus lockdown

While we wake up in the morning in coronavirus lockdown, we may not have the same energy as we used to have earlier. We are afraid whether we will catch the virus or our loved ones will get affected. That’s why it is advisable to think positive and follow preventive measures such as social distancing, washing hands regularly, building up the immune system with the right foods, etc.

Positive thoughts comes with practice. Just like how you brush your teeth and take a bath everyday, similarly practicing to believe in positivity and goodness comes with practice and daily reminders. In order to make things easy, we collected a list of quotes that you should read daily in this coronavirus crisis. These quotes and self-affirmations will not only help you but also create a good atmosphere at your home, thus making it a better place to live in.

1) I am happy that I am alive and I hope for a better future.

2) Great things are going to come my way soon.

3) I am progressing every day in the right direction and there is always a way for me.

4) I am surrounded with positivity, love, happiness and freedom.

5) I choose to remain positive, responsible, creative, powerful and confident to reach my goals in life.

6) I am strong enough to get through hard times and I create new realities for myself.

7) I choose hope over darkness and believe in infinite possibilities.

8) Whenever I feel low, I choose to believe in myself and remember all the victories I had in my life, the way I overcame all struggles and I have unshakable faith in the Supreme Power.

9) I aim to overcome any problem and focus to succeed in my life.

10) I am kind, compassionate, unstoppable and choose to always think constructively.

11) I set my heart to be courageous and find the positive in any problem.

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