Who Is Shreegauri Sawant

Who Is Shreegauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant is the first transgender activist in India.

She hails from Pune and is currently living in Mumbai.

Gauri’s mother died when Ganesh (Gauri’s previous identity) was seven-year-old.

Her father was a police officer.

Gauri, who was still Ganesh, left her (then his) house at the age of 14-15 to live with her (his) grandmother.

Soon after turning into (still to be recognized as) a transgender, Gauri started Sakhi Ghar Chowghi in 2000.

14 years later, Gauri filed a petition for adoption rights for transgenders.

She also appealed to the Supreme Court to recognize transgender as the third gender.

Gauri had adopted a daughter, Gayatri, aged 4, in 2008.

Gayatri’s biological mother was a sex worker who died from AIDS.

Gayatri was about to be sold in the trafficking industry when Gauri adopted her.

After her story got known, Gauri worked in advertisements and now.

The web series Taali is dedicated to her work for the community and beyond.