What is Egg Freezing? All You Need To Know!

This medical procedure allows women to become pregnant later in life without major complications. So, what is it? Know here.

Egg freezing

It’s a medical procedure in which a doctor gives a woman a thorough examination, according to Medical News Today. If the egg retention rate is low, the chances of getting pregnant from those eggs are also low.

Therefore, even women can be treated before egg retrieval. Once the egg is completely healthy and ready for conception, the doctor will carefully remove it.

This process is so subtle that it is done through small operations. Underneath, the eggs are removed with a very thin needle and frozen at subzero temperatures.

Females can freeze eggs for 10-15 years. Until then, the egg remains the same as it was in the ovary.

If a woman wants to become a mother in the future, she will fertilize an egg through IVF technology and introduce this fertilized egg into the woman’s body.

Generally, the fertile age for women is between 20-30 years. After that, female fertility begins to decline.

But sometimes complications are seen in women after 30, so it is best to be done with the 30s.

Cost of egg freezing

According to a report in India Today, egg freezing costs more than Rs 1.5 lakh in India.

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