Virat Kohli's Special Diet Plan!

Virat Kohli sweats for hours in the gym. Along with this, Virat Kohli also follows a vegan diet to stay focused and fit.

Virat said once in an interview that he follows a strict diet to stay fit.

He doesn't allow himself to eat anything too fancy or something which will impact his performance on the field.

Virat eats boiled eggs with a bread omelette for breakfast.

Along with this, Virat eats spinach, black pepper and paneer salad for breakfast.

Virat eats nuts, brown bread and sweets for lunch. With this, he has a protein shake for lunch.

Virat's dinner is very simple. It consists of roti, dal and green leafy vegetables.

After exercising, Virat eats protein shakes, soya milk and butter paneer. All these things help Virat to stay fit.

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