Valentine Calendar 2023

Valentine’s week starts on February 7 as Rose Day and lasts till February 14 as Valentine’s Day. So, let’s know about all 7 days of Valentine’s week

Rose Day

The first day of Valentine’s week is February 7, celebrated as Rose Day. On this day, people give red roses to their loved ones and wish for love and happiness in their life.

Propose Day

The second day of the week i.e. February 8 is celebrated as Propose Day. On this day, people propose to their lovers and tell them about their feelings and express their love.

Chocolate Day

February 9 is the third day of Valentine’s week, and couples celebrate it as Chocolate Day. It is believed as a symbol of warmth and belonging. People share chocolates and sweets with their loved ones to celebrate the day.

Teddy Day

On February 10, Teddy Day is celebrated, which falls on the fourth day of Valentine’s week. On this day, people gift teddy bears to their special ones.

Promise Day

The fifth day of the week i.e. February 11 is celebrated as Promise Day. On this day, couples exchange promises as they believe in making their relationship strong.

Hug Day

On February 12, Hug day is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine’s week. There’s nothing better than giving a warm hug to your loved ones to show your love and affection and express your feelings and emotions.

Kiss Day

The seventh day of Valentine’s week is Kiss Day which is celebrated on February 13. Couples and lovers kiss each other to express their feelings and love.

Valentine’s Day

The last day of Valentine’s week is on February 14, which is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine. People make grand gestures and surprises for their loved ones on this day.

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