Type Of Rose And Meaning!

Valentine’s Week is celebrated all around the world with much zeal among lovebirds.

Rose Day marks the beginning of this week. It is celebrated on February 7.

This day is celebrated by exchanging roses with that special someone to celebrate love and show your affection and commitment.

However, did you know what each rose signifies? Let's find out!

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Red Roses

A deep red rose is thought to signify a deep commitment, while a lighter-colored red rose is said to symbolize passion and desire.

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Pink Roses

This rose is a symbol of gratitude and admiration. They’re perfect to gift your friends, siblings, or teachers.

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Peach Roses

These are often associated with sincerity and genuineness of your feelings. This is why peach roses make the perfect thank-you gift.

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Yellow Roses

This rose is associated with warmth and happiness. These are also commonly known as friendship flowers.

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White Roses

This color when thinking about purity and grace. White roses symbolize young love, eternal loyalty, and a fresh beginning.

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Purple Roses

This rare rose is a symbol of enchantment and love at first sight. It is often also associated with royalty and is seen as a majestic flower.

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