TVS First Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship

TVS Motor Company has introduced the TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship (e-OMC), marking India's inaugural electric racing competition for two-wheelers.

With this move, TVS becomes the pioneer among Indian manufacturers to enter the realm of electric motorcycle racing.

TVS has created dedicated Apache RTE motorcycles for this exciting new championship.

The TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship is set to make its debut during the 4th round of the Indian National Motorcycle Road Racing Championship (INMRC).

In the inaugural round of the championship, eight carefully selected riders will take to the track, piloting the specially designed TVS Apache RTE race motorcycles created exclusively for this event.

Regarding the motorcycles, TVS asserts that the Apache RTE is poised to establish a new standard for electric racing within India.

These bikes boast the highest power-to-weight ratio in their category, featuring a liquid-cooled motor and an efficient liquid-cooled motor controller.

Reportedly, TVS employs advanced high-power battery cells with cutting-edge chemistry, encased in a carbon fiber battery case that also serves as a structural component of the chassis.

Furthermore, the Battery Management System (BMS) has been tailor-made with specialized racing algorithms.