Traditional Recipes To Try On Lohri 2023

From sarson ka saag and makki ki roti to gajar wale chawal, there are some delights people generally enjoy around Lohri.

Makki Di Roti And Sarson Da Saag

This delight is fondly eaten not just in Punjab but in many parts of North India. Since mustard leaves grow abundantly in winter, they make for a lip-smacking as well as a healthy meal.

Gajar-Gud Chawal

This rice dish has grated carrots and rice slowly cooked with jaggery to perfection. It is consumed as a main course as well as a dessert.

Ganne Wale Chawal

Technically it is a kheer made with rice and sugarcane juice. This is slow-cooked on low flame and garnished with nuts.


Traditionally made with wheat flour, ghee, nuts, and sugar, it has ample nutritional properties and takes the center stage during Lohri.

Gud Ki Roti

Another traditional dish made during Lohri is gud ki roti. This flatbread is made up of jaggery, wheat flour, and ghee.

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