Toxic Dating Trends You Must Know!

When it comes to modern dating, we often scour dating apps, stalk a person on social media and try our best to catch a glimpse of our love interest.

While some of them can be wonderful, others may not give you a good experience.


When a love interest suddenly stops interacting with you and replying to your texts then it is called ghosting.


Throning is a dating trend in which people date only those who can help them improve their social status.


Insta-gators are those individuals who are obsessed with overly publicizing their relationships on social media.


Breadcrumbing, also known as benching, happens when the other person frequently drops hints that they are interested in you.  It gives false hope to the other person.

Kitten fishing

Kitten fishing is manipulating information about yourself to find a suitor. A person might lie about their personality until the truth finally comes out.

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