Top 5 Pulses Producing States in India

Several states in India produce pulses– the edible seeds of leguminous plants– on a massive scale.

Take a look at the top five pulses-producing states in India.

Madhya Pradesh

The state produced an estimated 5.3 million tonnes of pulses. Moong, urad, and millets are common legumes grown here.


The major crops in this category include moth, moong, arhar, and gram. The state produced an estimated 16.75 percent of the total legume output in India.


At approximately 4.3 million tonnes of pulses produced in FY 20-21, Maharashtra comes a close third to Rajasthan.

Uttar Pradesh

This North Indian state, which had an estimated 2.38 million hectares of land dedicated to pulses crops in FY 20-21, produced approximately 2.56 million tonnes of legumes.


Karnataka produced an estimated 2.38 million tonnes of pulses. Tur pulse is a prominent crop in the region.

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