Tips For a Colourful Smokey Eye Look!

The smokey eye look is an all-time classic, edgy, and versatile for any occasion.

It’s created by blending three to four shadows, with a dark shade dominating to add depth and dimension to the eyes.

Let's know tips and tricks to ace the colorful smokey eye look.

Use an eye primer before starting colorful smokey eye makeup. An eye primer will ensure that the color of the eyeshadow looks more pigmented.

Use a muted brown or a pinkish-brown for the transition – these colors help blend the dramatic color of your smokey eye makeup.

Use a creamy black kajal or a brown eye pencil as a base on the top eyelids – this will make the colors pop more.

Do your eye makeup first and face makeup afterward whenever you are going for this look.

Use a highlighter at the key points on the eyes to enhance the entire smokey eye look. The highlighter will ensure that the eyes do not look smaller.

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